NPCC appeals P&AR on appointment of casual and contingency employees

Dimapur, April 1 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), Public Grievances Department (PGD) on Friday stated that only 35 departments out of 82 departments in Nagaland have responded to the P&AR directives to provide information regarding appointment of casual or fixed pay and contingency employees.

In a press release, the PGD Co-convenor Kedou Wetsah and member Imkongmeren Jamir stated that it had filed an RTI to the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (P&AR), Nagaland on September 7, 2021 with reference to the appointment of casual or fixed pay and contingency employees in all departments of the state. Accordingly, the P&AR (Personnel ‘A’ Branch) had, through an order on September 20, 2021, issued a directive to all the AHoDs to provide the information to the PGD. 

However, only 35 out of the 82 departments responded to the P &AR’s directive so far, it said, while appealing to the P&AR department to “take strong actions against those erring departments.” It also said that it would continue to demand all the relevant documents from those 47 departments “before we take up to higher authorities.”

Meanwhile, the PGD informed that there are 8,536 casual/contingency/fixed/work-charge employees in the 35 departments that responded. (See Table)