NPCC faults Nagaland Govt for dengue ‘outbreak’ in Mon

Kohima, October 26 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today expressed alarm over the “extent and the rate” of spread of dengue disease in Mon district and linked it to governance deficit of the current State Government and under preparedness of medical department.

This is another clear cut case of utter governance deficit of the current State Government, asserted a statement from the NPCC.

It further claimed that the Medical Department was caught “grossly under prepared and under empowered to tackle the onslaught of the outbreak” jeopardising the timely dispensation of critical medical intervention.

The dengue outbreak was not restricted to Mon alone; however, considering the limited healthcare infrastructure available in the district, adequate steps should have been taken, it maintained. 

“It was no rocket science to identify the added vulnerability of the district in the event of such an outbreak, and the need to anticipate the worst and take steps to adequately equip the Medical Department before hand,” it added. 

While regretting and denouncing what it termed as “abject failure of the government leading to so much avoidable suffering and loss of lives,” the NPCC stated that it feel a “sense of optimism for the way forward paved by the exemplary act of humanitarianism extended by the Konyak Baptist Bumeinok Bangjum (Konyak Baptist Churches Council).”

The Council’s generous contribution has now made it possible for the people of Mon to avail a set of much needed medical services free of cost, it added. 

The NPCC further said that it stands solidarity with the people of Mon at these difficult and unfortunate times and urge the Government of the day to step up efforts to ensure that the relevant Department is armed with the necessary tools to effectively combat the outbreak and prevent the loss of precious lives hereafter.