NPCC questions ‘popular’ govt silence on Manipur

Offers solidarity & calls for immediate action

Kohima, June 22 (MExN):  The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) S Supongmeren Jamir today raised concerns about the silence of the "popular government" amidst the ongoing unrest in Manipur, questioning the prioritisation of international matters over domestic issues.

"We are witnessing 7 weeks of Manipur burning, we are seeing an internal collapse for 7 weeks," Jamir stated in a press release, highlighting the prolonged period of unrest  in the state and criticising the law makers for failing to protect the people. 

 “There has been many unrest and riots our country has faced in the past, we have seen violent clashes but to let the situation escalate in Manipur for 7 weeks running and that too in this day and age ‘in 2023’ is appalling,” he said. 

Jamir pointed out that with the current government's political control and influence, immediate steps should have been taken to restore peace in both the valley and hills of Manipur. 

He cited the Supreme Court's statement characterising the situation as a ‘complete failure of law and order,’ leading to the loss of innocent lives.

The NPCC President emphasised the need for a solution that takes into account the unique socio-economic aspects of Manipur and called upon all responsible authorities to prioritise understanding the land and its people.

During times of crisis, he stressed that it is the duty of lawmakers to provide guidance, reassurance, and a sense of direction.

“No matter what party one may belong to, no matter what affiliation one has, Manipur needs our help; our people needs us and we should be there for them setting aside all differences,” he said. 

Expressing condolences to the affected individuals who have suffered immeasurable losses, Jamir conveyed solidarity with the people of Manipur, emphasising their shared pain and plea as fellow Indians.

 “Manipur will always be home to its people, I appeal and pray with hope that the majestic home will once again be restored,” he said. 

Jamir further stressed the importance of understanding the anger and pain of the people, as their sentiments echo the message that Manipur is suffering and being neglected.