SETAN demands “immediate” intervention of Nagaland govt

DIMAPUR, MARCH 28 (MExN): The Special Education Teachers Association of Nagaland (SETAN) on Monday highlighted a number of grievances faced by the Special Education Teachers (SETs) and has demanded immediate intervention and redress from the Nagaland State government.  

In a press statement, SETAN president, Sanen informed that during the orientation programme held on September 12, 2013 at Capital Convention Centre, the SET were promised to be sent for requisite training which, was yet to materialize.  

Besides, as per the directive of IEDSS Committee headed by the then Chief Secretary Banuo Z. Jamir at a meeting held on July 28, 2014, it was proposed that training should be provided to all the appointed SETs. This also has not been implemented; the press statement said and has demanded immediate necessary action.  

The association also maintained that the teachers have been teaching and attending normal classes since appointment even though they were denied service extension and salary since July 2014 and has demanded release and extension of the same.  

Pointing out on the irregularities owing to financial misappropriation on the part of the implementing agency leading to setting up of Special Investigation Team (SIT) from Vigilance Commission, it said SIT has physically verified and identified all the genuine SET and each SET has complied by submitting performance certificate as desired by the department.  

The association also reminded the department to abstain from making any fresh appointment until all the genuine in-service SET are absorbed and trained. It also expressed hope that their job would be streamlined at par with other teachers in the education department, while stating that many amongst the teachers have already become over-aged.  

Stating that it has waited long enough “observing the inaction and lukewarm attitude” of the government towards the SET, the association cautioned that it would go for any measures deemed fit to fight for their rights if the government fail to meet their demands.  

SETs were appointed under the MHRD scheme of Inclusive Education of the Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS) to deal with Children with Special Needs (CWSN) with the State Education Department as the implementing agency.