9th World Music Day celebration in Kohima

Akhriezie Lhoushe

Our Correspondent
Kohima | June 20

The 9th World Music Day celebration will take place on June 21 across the state. In the state capital Kohima, Symphony Academy of Music and Musicians Guild along with other agencies/partners will commemorate the day at The Heritage, Old DC Bungalow, Kohima.

The concert featuring- Rain in Sahara, Version 2, Akhrieze Lhoushe, Atiro Kiho, Kivito Achumi, Senti Yabang, Zayie Zacchaeus, The Gluttones and Papersky will take place at 5:00 pm. Gate will be opened from 3:00 PM onwards. Entry ticket has been fixed at Rs 200 per person. Tickets will be available at the venue itself.

The event will also feature Dance Battle Vol 2.0 through Lamgrace Dance Studio at 3:30 PM. Ruopfu Whiso will be the host of the show.

About artists

Rain Sahara: Rain in Sahara are an American/Indian eco-conscious electronic rock/nu-metal act based in north-east India, pioneering the genre's first climate change themed modern opera-like musical/visual experience. Rain in Sahara believes that music is one of the most powerful tools to catalyse and move people to take positive action on the biggest issues we face as a global community.

Zayie Zacchaeus: Zacchaeus is a modern fingerstyle guitar player from Kohima. He is a music tutor at Symphony Academy of Music and a content creator.

Version 2: Version 2 is a Dimaour based metal band. It involved with different genres as metal, mostly influenced by System of a Down, Disturbed, Panters & Magadeth.

Atiro Kiho: Atiro Kiho is an artist who seeks for a therapeutic escape from the mundane life by indulging in free style rapping. She also collaborated with various artists like Ket Meth, Psycho k4, Z World, Narsi Realm and many more.  

The Gluttones: The Gluttones is an electro synth-pop band from Dimapur, formed in 2015 and reformed in 2021. The band consists of Meyisanen Lemtur, Mulong Longkumer, Katovi Yepthomi and Theophilus Rengma.

Senti Yabang: Yabang have been playing the guitar for more than a decade. Currently, he is the guitarist of the POWERFAITH Band.

Kivito Achumi: Achumi is a singer- songwriter from Kohima. Inspired by bands kike Alter Bridge ad Mr. Big, he picked up the guitar, guided by the influence of pop icon John Mayer.

Papersky: Papersky is a formidable four–piece Indie grunge rock band from Dimapur. The members includes; Jongma H Ungh, Augustine, Nourhe and Bendang.

Akhriezie Lhoushe: Akhrieze Lhoushe, is a musician from Kohima. Inspired by artists like Tori Kelly, Fiona Apple and Nora Jones, Akhrieze's ballad songs, infused with classical nuances, showcase a deep-rooted passion for music nurtured since the age of seven.