ANCSU wants Prez to remove VC

Dimapur, March 11 (MExN): All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) has demanded immediate removal of the unpopular Vice Chancellor of Nagaland University, Prof. K Kannan who continues to function even under numerous charges of corruption and financial mismanagement. The ANCSU issued a copy of  memorandum addressed to the president of India demanding the removal of the VC, among other demands.
“The present Vice Chancellor Prof. K Kannan has no moral right to continue his office with several issues of financial mismanagement and corruptions labeled against him,” the ANCSU stated. “His constant harassment of students and teachers depriving the basic democratic rights had compelled us to demand his immediate removal from office.” The college organization accused the Vice Chancellor of ‘dragging’ Nagaland University from bad to worse. “We find no confidence in him to run the highest office of this central educational institution where the fate of thousands of students is determined.”
The organization has also demanded appointment of Pro Vice Chancellor for the four campuses of the university namely the Kohima, Lumami and SASRD and SETAM campuses. The centralization of administration has resulted in administrative difficulties and inconvenience for the more than 60 affiliated colleges in the state, ANCSU stated.
The ANCSU also accused the Nagaland university authorities led by the vice chancellor of failing to uphold the sanctity of the institution. The university is now tainted by corruption and scandals. “Despite crores of rupees pumped from the Centre towards development, the university still lacks proper infrastructure, poor road connectivity, transportation, lack of proper drinking water and other basic amenities,” the organization stated in the memorandum. The ANCSU also condemned the last-minute introduction of the much-denounced ‘online system’ of the university. It was a failure, the ANCSU said and pointed to the errors in the question papers and in the data of students, admit cards, allocation of marks and exam schedules. “This new online system was implemented without proper trial or installing proper examination data center (EDC) to the colleges in the remote areas,” the organization informed. The careers of thousands of students have been put at stake; this is the state of Nagaland University at present, the ANCSU added.

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