Create more posts, adopt fair recruitment means: IDANSB to govt

Dimapur, July 11 (MExN): The Indian Dental Association Nagaland State Branch (IDANSB) has appealed to the state government for creation of more dental surgeon posts, upgradation of dental sector, fair and transparent means of recruitment in recently created post for health care workers under Health & Family Department. 

While thanking the state government for creation of three new dental surgeon posts, IDANSB has appealed to the concerned authority and the government to consider creation of more Dental Surgeon posts in all CHCs (Community Health Centres).

Out of the 28 CHCs in the state, only 5 posts were created against 5 CHCs in February 2012. After a gap of 8 long years, 3 new posts were recently created. Thus, the need for creation of more Dental Surgeon posts is inevitable, more so with the increase in the number of patients who are in need of dental care, IDANSB stated on July 11.

They also sought the creation of posts of specialists/ consultants in District hospitals to provide enhanced quality health care services. Posts of Dental Hygienist in district hospitals and CHCs are a must to assist the Dental Surgeon, setting up the operatory, sterilization of instruments and equipments etc., it further added.


Adopt fair means of recruitment
 It further appealed to the government to adopt fair, transparent and acceptable means of recruitment in the recently created posts.

“Selection of Candidates basing on the marks obtained in university examinations cannot be considered fair, Since scoring of marks in examinations can vary a great deal from university to university, Government or private run institute, etc,” IDANSB stated, and appealed to the government to reconsider this mode of selection.

If selection is to be done based on marks obtained in examinations, preference must be first given to meritorious candidates/government nominees who underwent medical studies by qualifying JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), it said.

The IDANSB termed it a ‘note of caution’ to prevent probable unrest if any foul play is found in recruitment process.


Upgrade equipment
The IDANSB also urged the government to upgrade dental equipment in all District Hospitals and CHCs.  It expressed surprise that “for the last 8-9 years under the state programme (Budgetary Provision), the department of Health and Family Welfare has not issued/ supplied even a single equipment or material to Dental sector.”

 At present, altogether there are only 14 functional dental chairs in the whole of Nagaland, the IDANSB claimed.

1 dental chair is in Kohima District hospital NHAK (semi-functional), 2 are  in Dimapur District Hospital, 2 chairs are in Mokokchung, 2 are in Tuensang while the rest of the district hospitals have one chair each, according to the IDANSB.

 Most of the dental units are either in semi-function or non-functional state due to non maintenance, it added.

To provide optimum services to the patients in need, manpower and supply of equipment and facilities is inevitable, the IDANSB maintained.

In this regard, the IDANSB urged the government to provide at least 5 fully functional dental chairs in District Hospitals like Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung and minimum 3 functional dental chairs in every District Hospitals.

It also asked the government to provide portable X-ray machine for diagnosis, light cure, ultrasonic scaling equipment, computer set and other necessary materials and consumable items to District hospitals and CHCs on regular basis.

Highlighting the change ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic, the IDANSB also requested for provision of proper equipment/safety measure facilities to all the Dental Surgeons so that infection control and prevention of COVID-19 disease can be done while providing oral health care services to people in need.

Stating that Dental Surgeons have been rendering their services with all sincerity in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the IDANSB appealed to the concerned authorities in the department and the government to give equal importance and priority to all discipline/ specialty and technical branches.

Stressing that the general public have been deprived of the essential health care services especially in the Dental sector, the IDANSB said that the need of dental services cannot be compromised anymore.

It sought the government’s intervention to take early remedial measures in view of improvising and strengthening the overall health care delivery system of the State.