Donating blood should be ‘self motivated’

(Left) Principal school of nursing, V.Kechu handing out awards to student blood donors. (Right) Resource person, Dr.V. Khamo, addressing during the seminar on blood donation at NHAK. (Morung Photos)
Kohima | March 7 : A two days seminar on blood donation drive and awareness at school of nursing, Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) was held at its conference hall today. Resource person, Dr. V. Khamo, Blood bank in-charge Pathology department NHAK refreshed the importance on donating blood and how it saves a life.
Speaking at the new recruited nurses, Dr. Khamo said there are many a time where nurses landed up donating blood again an again, though their noble job are never acknowledged. She said that many people are contented after donating blood as they know that they are saving a person’s life, encouraging more people to donate blood. She noted it should be absolutely self motivated with no desire for benefit, however she said it is disheartening to see the less response of the people to donate blood adding that the donations conducted at various colleges helps immensely. “People are scare of needle, pain, blood, future weakness, social taboo or medical excuses, however there are not any as such excuses if only a person is concerned about the other life,” said Dr. Khamo.
 She also asserted that Pfutsero holds the highest rank in donating blood during a camp and urged upon the people to come forward and be a voluntary blood donors as a service to the community, sense of social duty, helping a friend or relative, gaining experience, for blood donor card or for recognition of awards. Recalling many incidents where parents refuse to give blood for their children and searching blood in the blood bank, Dr. Khamo said it is always best to get blood from blood donors as commercial or replacement donors may have complications.
Principal school of nursing, V. Kechu handed out awards of certificate to ten student donors.
In her brief address, the principal called upon the student donors to keep up the good work and also the new students to be prepared to donate blood when required. It is also reported that NHAK daily requirement for blood remains seven to eight units.

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