GBs Union Dimapur Sadar/Urban Area on JCPI submission to RIIN Commission

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 8 (MExN): The GBs Union Dimapur Sadar/Urban Area today while asserting its commitment and supports to the initiatives taken up by the Joint Committee on Prevention of Illegal Immigrants (JCPI) on the issue of RIIN, called for “endorsing a realistic approach in the process of combating the social issue with mutual respect and understanding between the organizational positions without having negative perceptions.”

A press release from the union’s president, MY Ngullie and General Secretary, T Onen Jamir said that it has been part and will continue to remain pro-active on the issue of RIIN. It however noted that “every issue has to be addressed differently according to the nature and seriousness of the matter.”

The union meanwhile termed the JCPI’s statement regarding the GBs of Dimapur Sadar and Urban areas in its recommendations to the State Government Commission on RIIN as “unfortunate and regrettable.” “Apparently, the JCPI had undermined the significance and role of the GBs in the Administration of Justice particularly in the State of Nagaland whose existence and importance has been recognised since from the time of British regime,” the union stated. 

It reiterated that “GB is appointed by the government and whereas, the Chairmen in Urban areas are selected by the bonafide members of the respective colony/area for a specific period. Further, the GBs and the Chairmen play important roles, duties and responsibilities in the administration of the colony/area.”

With regard to concerns expressed by the JCPI over the alleged flagrant issuing of important documents to doubtful citizens, the union stated that the GBs/Chairmen of the colony/area were not given any authority to issue documents such as birth certificates, trade licenses, indigenous certificates, driving licenses etc as alleged. It said that such officials were only empowered to make recommendation and issue residential certificates depending on the permanent/temporary status of the residents. 

It further made clear that the government had not issued any notification/order which barred the GBs/Chairmen to issue residential certificate recommendations etc. 

“Therefore, residential certificates and recommendations are being made either by the GB or Chairman in urban areas irrespective of the community, tribe and particular section of the society the applicant belongs to,” it added.

It meanwhile however stated that the union fails to understand the JCPI’s assertion that “under no circumstances should the GBs of Dimapur Sadar/Urban Area be empanelled by the district administration for assistance in the RIIN exercise...and if at all assistance was required, the DUCCF could be enrolled for the exercise.” 

“Such irresponsible statement is certainly very provocative and it will create misunderstanding and confusion in the minds of general public,” the union said.

While supporting the JCPI’s initiatives, the GBs union said that the commission’s demand not to empanel the GBs in the RIIN exercise “is a deliberate attempt to undermine the sanctity and authority of the GBs in the process of exercising their bonafide administrative responsibilities.”

It asked the JCPI to “withdraw the demand ‘Terms of Reference’ submitted to the Commission on RIIN so that jointly we will move forward and work together towards creating social harmony in the spirit of oneness and inclusiveness at this crucial juncture.” 

It meanwhile stated that the GB’s Union Dimapur Sadar/Urban Area would be constrained to take up appropriate necessary steps if the JCPI fail to withdraw the ‘Terms of Reference’ submitted to the Commission of RIIN.

It may be noted here that the JCPI had on October 1 dropped one of its assertions to “debar” the Dimapur GB Sadar/Urban in the RIIN exercise as "non-negotiable," provided that only “genuine Naga GBs from Nagaland should be empanelled by the district administration.”  

The JCPI informed that the decision to drop this contention was made after reviewing the issue raised by the Dimapur GB Sadar/Urban areas and recognizing the Nagaland GB Federation as one of the founding members of JCPI. 

 “This is solely done with the intention that the RIIN exercise is carried out without any loopholes so that no wrong antecedent is made,” it added. The JCPI further said that its case study report submitted to the RIIN Commission had “inadvertently mentioned the whole of Dimapur GB Sadar/Urban areas.” 

 “The JCPI sincerely regrets the oversight into the nuances of the report. JCPI appeals to all GBs to extend cooperation in the crucial process of identification of Nagaland indigenous inhabitants so that any anomalies are removed to serve the common interest as GBs are the traditional guardians its citizens,” it had appealed.