“More emphasis has to be laid on women for their upliftment”

Kohima | March 13 : Parliamentary secretary for social welfare & women development Chotisüh Sazo on Saturday said that Nagaland has adopted a policy for women empowerment to ensure women in their rightful place in society as equal partners with men and to bring about the advancement, development and empowerment of women in the state.
He strongly felt that, as such, more emphasis has to be laid on women for their upliftment and also to facilitate active involvement of women in decision making and developmental activities.
It may be recalled that Nagaland has been conferred with IBN7 Diamond states awards 2011 as “Best Women Empowerment Award’ among the small states.
Recognizing the need to accelerate the empowerment process of women, while also acknowledging the fact that women are now accepted agents of development, during 2003-04 the Directorate of Women Development was created out of the bifurcation of the erstwhile Department of Social Security & Welfare.
With the overall objective of balancing the gender divide, the Department aims at the uplift of women and facilitate her self-dependency while continuing to protect and safeguard her rights and privileges. The financial, human and technological resources required to uplift women are truly enormous- and the logistics involved would be staggering. As such, the Department envisages working in partnership with NGOs to promote a more active and deliberate involvement of women in development.
Source said the department recognizes the crucial role that women play and the huge potential especially in the group dynamics of women SHGs. Thus, building on the experience gained while working with grassroots functionaries and support groups, the main thrust of the Department is to; create, develop and strengthen women centred Self Help Groups (SHGs) by expanding and augmenting the present activities and introducing new strategies.
The target group of the Department is; women in difficult circumstances, school and college girl dropouts, women with disabilities, women entrepreneurs, women SHG leaders, grassroots women leaders and women in general. It will also cater to the special needs of commercial sex workers, HIV/AIDs infected and affected women, deserted women, victims of sexual exploitation and marital violence.
The activities of the Department, which are mainly focused in addressing the issues and needs of aforementioned women, include: training cum Production Centre, financial Assistance to Destitute Women, Integrated Development cum Research Centre, Rehabilitation cum Support Centre, Nagaland State Women Commission, Women Development Empowerment Programme and Transformative Livelihood Intervention.

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