Nagaland’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction

“Drugs” is also known as Narcotics and Psychotropic substance which has a physiological and psychological effect when ingested or introduced into the body. The chemicals involved in the preparations of so-called “Drugs” also have medicinal purposes if used and taken under trained medical supervision in prescribed quantities; however, what we have been seeing is the random use of these substances as ‘mood changers’ or ‘happiness pills’ to alter the mental and physical condition. Such composition of chemical substance is highly addictive which completely alters the way the brain discharges the ‘Dopamine’ chemical which, though, have been completely banned under NDPS ACT, are easily available and accessible all over India; especially in our state of Nagaland. Good number of youngsters in Nagaland have been addicted to the Drugs which is something that worries us a lot.

Sociologists say that drug addiction has come to India and other Oriental countries from the western countries. The Indians are copying the west and becoming drug addicts. In the modern society there are several family problems, lack of love and affection forces the youths to become drug addicts and sometimes the pressure of addicted friends tempts the youth to become addicted to it.

Psychologists say that drugs help the addict to escape from the strains and problems of the world, but they damage the nervous system tremendously and shatter the mental make-up of the addicts and it even causes death, even if the addicts give up taking drugs suddenly, he/she may die, so, the withdrawal must be done gradually.

Lots of new drugs have already entered our state; we have read that a new madness drug called yaba is easily available to college students and youths, with a middle man playing a hand in supplying these to the youths causing addiction, making them unable to leave that toxic environment.

We feel anxious and uneasy seeing youths of our age, who are so addicted to drugs that they face financial problems and how they get motivated just by watching some drug addicted celebrities, while they leave their ambition and goal half way.

Drugs are not only heroin, cocaine or other illegal drugs, one can also get addicted to legal substances as well, like painkillers, nicotine or alcohol. It's disturbing to see that during this COVID-19 pandemic, people who are addicted to alcohol line up for hours just to get a drink; it seems that liquor has become more important to them than their groceries and daily essentials. There was also a meme that went viral, indicating that a 19 year old student can find a drug dealer but the police can't.

We would like to encourage every individual to stay away from it and be cautious as staying away from it holds a promising tomorrow and it’s beneficial at the same time. Having an open and more organic mind will help us to make better decisions in our day to day life.   

The use of drugs for purposes that affect one's health and psychology and consumption of alcohol have become very prominent in the present world particularly among the youths both men and women, also including elderly individuals and even teenagers, and Nagaland is no exception in this picture of drugs and alcohol.

As an individual, from a very young age till the present, we have seen individuals taking alcohol and drugs which not only affected their health taking them to the verge of death but also forcing them to be engaged in wrong acts such as to steal, quarrel and even fight with their families to get what they want, and this situation is even seen in the present society.We have been against consumption and sale of all these harmful substances, so it’s a humble request to all to stay away from it, and to set a good example to the younger generation so that they don't fall into the pit of darkness which only brings destruction in every aspect of their life. One such example has been set by an uncle who was an alcohol-addict but from the day he made up his mind to improve on himself, he has not looked back. Some of his alternate ways to avoid alcohol include drinking fruit juice which is healthier. He makes it by himself and also makes sure that he engages himself in constructive activities that keep him busy, such as carving spoons from wood and other furniture.

With the lockdown taking place in various parts of the world during this pandemic, people addicted to liquor and drugs have taken extreme steps causing death. One such instance would be the death of 13 people after consumption of hand sanitizer at Kurichedu and Pamooru villages in Prakasam district, India.  The report was that the liquor shops were closed due to lockdown and liquor was not available anywhere.  Unable to suppress their urge, they consumed hand sanitizer laced in soft drinks and water.

Drug and alcohol addiction is also high in Nagaland and despite the efforts of the government during the novel coronavirus pandemic to curtail its consumption, many individuals have been reported to be illegally entering Assam for purchase and consumption.

We just want to encourage all the students and youths who carry the responsibility of building the future to focus on everything that has to be done today, so that it does not hinder our tomorrow. If you see your friends, families or anyone suffering because of addiction, don't just say that it's their problem. Give a helping hand to them to fight it. Life has much more meaning and things to focus on, so let's all say no to drugs, alcohol and every bad substance that can destroy us.

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