Quiz No 208

1. What was the amount of money collected by the Nagaland State government as COVID Cess in May? 

a. Rs 0.24 crore

b. Rs 3.36 crore 

c. Rs. 3.84 crore

d. Rs 37. 25 crore.


2. What was the overall rank of Nagaland University in the latest National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), ‘India Rankings 2020’?

a. Top 100

b. 101-150 band

c. 151-200 band

d. 200 and above 


3. Which Ministry in India has recently launched the #icommit initiative?

a. Ministry of Power

b. Ministry of Environment and Forests

c. Ministry of Earth

d. Ministry of Tourism 


4. The first nationwide online delivery-based gas trading platform launched by Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas & Steel Dharmendra Pradhan on June 15 is called: 

a. Bharat Gas Exchange

b. Indian Gas Exchange

c. India Gas Trading System 

d. Bharat Gas Trading System


5. Who was the winner of the first-ever Nagaland Women Online Open Chess Tournament held on June 13? 

a. Shenikali Hesso

b. Muzivolu Veswu

c. Anju Singh

d. Shabnam Singh 


This contest is open ONLY for students. 

Cut and send in your answers along with your name, class and name of institution to The Morung Express Office, H/No.4, Duncan Basti, Dimapur.

You can also email the answers to morunglearning@gmail.com or WhatsApp/SMS @ 8787846184

Answers to Quiz #207: 1-C, 2-D, 3-a, 4-D, 5-A 

Winner: Silvia 

Little Flower Higher Secondary High School, Kohima

Each week, one lucky winner will be awarded a gift worth Rs. 500. The winner may collect the prize or redeem any product/good worth the same from G-Sports, Indoor Stadium, Multi Disciplinary Sports Complex, Near DC Court Junction, Dimapur (Or) Joyce Complex, G-Sports, Shop No. 14/15, Second Gate, NH-29, Chümoukedima (Or) Belho Complex, Near Classic Island, PR Hill, Kohima 

*Winner should bring along a valid ID to claim the prize.