Quiz No. 218

1. According to UDISE+ data provisional data for 2018-19, out of 2752 schools in Nagaland, how many were privates? 

a. 745

b. 746

c. 2,000

d.  2007

2. What percentage of government schools in Nagaland had schools have separate toilets for girls as per the UDISE+ data?

a. 99.43%

b. 95.44% 

c. 96.86%

d. 95.16%

3. What was the overall rank of Mokokchung in the Swachh Survekshan 2020 North-East Zonal ranking? 

a. 1st

b. 2nd

c. 3rd

d. 4th 

4. Which is the cleanest town in North-East according to Swachh Survekshan 2020?

a. Jiribam

 b. Wangjing Lamding

c. Mokokchung

d. Kolasib 

5. Bayern Munich defeated Paris St Germain 1-0 on August 23 to claim their _______ Champions league title.

a. Fourth

b. Fifth

c. Sixth

d. Seventh