Delhi-NCR air pollution

  • Third car rationing scheme kicks off in Delhi: What is Odd-Even?
    Vehicles drive among the smog in New Delhi on November 2. (REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis)   New Delhi, November 4 (IANS): As Delhi battles to breathe, the third Odd-Even car rationing scheme aimed to provide relief from pollution kicked-off on Monday. The scheme will remain in force till November 15 and the rules for this will be applicable in Delhi from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Violation of the scheme will attract a penalty of Rs 4,000, which is double the amount charg
  • Lack of planning allows dust, stubble burning to choke capital
    New Delhi, Nov 2 (IANS): A heavy smog is holding crores of men, women and children captive in Delhi-NCR. Majorly constituted of dust and smoke from stubble burning this grey cover appears unlikely to retreat in the next few days. Dust, which majorly comprises of loose soil, has emerged as a major contributor to air pollution. Unpaved roads and digging activities for various infrastructural construction exposes the loose soil, contributing as much as 17 per cent of the parti