Why are we at this rally? Not Sure!

Hopong Chang: To NSF and different organizations which organised the rally at City Tower, Dimapur on August 11 against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), here is a note. Next time you call the students for rally, please make sure it is well organised and prepared. This time, we all saw how the students were in shock and how they responded to the rally.  

3 things that happened at the rally: 1. Majority of the students attended the rally just because their schools and college authority sent them. The spirit of willingness was Zero. (Yes, everyone should attend the rally because it’s a fight against common problem but why were the students never highlighted in advance?)  

2. Majority of the students didn't even know what was the rally all about, and for some, they don't even know what AFSPA means or what it is (maybe because of the ignorance on the part of the students, but I think they should be given a brief detail about it in advance because not all of the students are well aware of all these kinds of Movements/Agendas/problems within the state)  

3. 40% of the students attended and saw or heard nothing because they were in the back stage ... this is because of the negligence on the part of the organising bodies. We felt like we attended just to see a truck.  

Dear NSF, we appreciate the initiative and your sincerity towards fighting for a cause but next time you are going to organise a rally, please don't drag in the students without preparing well. We all know that in a city like Dimapur, any rally can take a big turn from good to bad in a split second, especially when there are students involved. I do not need to give an example; we all know our past very well. This kind of badly organised rally can deeply impact the students, be it in a good way or bad way and we all want it to affect the society positively right?  

Renponi K Naga: Schools without textbooks, teachers without salary, students starving for scholarships..... Call rally for these things also sometimes.  

Jonah Achumi Naga: If some unfortunate thing had happened during the rally, NSF sure would have all run away and disappeared like last time. True leaders never run away. True leaders finish what they start. True leaders never discard their people. True leaders never wash their hands to save their own skin and let others suffer. True leaders stand and fight for justice till the end. So many students suffered because of them and now they come again to seek for students' support. What a shame! But remember NSF, many parents, guardians and relatives, well-wishers have also now got a dark spot on their heart against you for abandoning them like rats deserting a sinking ship. If you don't come and solve it the tide may turn against you soon. Cowards die many times before their death.  

Peter Rutsa: The UGs are no longer like before in pulling the trigger on us or upon each other. Freedom of Expression is at its height. Let us admit that in the last 5 to 6 years human rights violation by our National workers have come down very very drastically. We are at relative peace. Atrocities by the Indian armed forces have also decreased. 

Taxation and extortion are the two main issues creating animosity between public and few NPGs. AFSPA is just an armour rarely used by Indian army as well. However it should be removed for it is like a black flag hovering above our heads. Its removal will help in building trust.  

Neikhonuo Solo Walling: I've a cousin who attended the rally yesterday in Kohima. When I asked her what is it for, she smartly replied "to chase I-M (NSCN) away" and I was like "aink..!!!! why? What? " Ignorance on her part, but yes they should be briefed and should willingly give support for the cause not simply because they are obliged to by the authority.

Kuholy Chishi: No doubt the rally was for a good cause but, students should not be used for show of majority. NSF won’t it be great if you guys can rally like this for the welfare of students and teachers who are facing lots of problems? But, I guess you guys are least bothered. Can you guys at times forget the political issue and get back to the very issues that you are supposed to be handling? I seriously hope you guys have not forgotten your students, you called out for rally and got into trouble..if at all you guys are not aware let me tell you some of them are yet not out of the woods. NSF has lost its Glory so, I hope you realise that and work towards it and regain the love and respect we once had for you. SSA teachers pay has already been cleared from the center but, here they are looooong due. If you guys can see to it, I am sure we all will appreciate.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Naga Blog.   Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Naga Blog.