21 ULB candidates sign ‘Good Behaviour Bond’

Pledge unity and support for Frontier Nagaland territory

Mon, June 25 (MExN): 21 candidates who had previously defied a community resolution have signed a ‘Good Behaviour Bond,’ acknowledging their actions and pledging to adhere to the collective decisions of the Eastern Nagaland Peoples' Organisation (ENPO) and the Konyak Union (KU). The bond, signed at the headquarters of the Konyak Union, marks a commitment to unity and support for the Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT) movement.

The candidates admitted to violating the Chenmoho ENPO/KU resolution dated February 23, 2024, by filing nominations for the Urban Local Body (ULB) elections. "We regret our actions, which went against not only the resolution but also the desires, aspirations, and collective pursuit for justice by the people of ENPO and the Konyaks in particular," the candidates stated in the bond. They added, "We deeply apologize for our actions and the inconvenience and discord that may have caused within the community by our actions. We now understand the importance of unity and adherence to the collective decisions made for the greater good of our society."

The undertaking includes several commitments. The candidates pledged to refrain from any future actions that violate the resolutions and collective decisions of the ENPO and the Konyak Union. They expressed their support for the cause and movement of the people to attain Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT) status, vowing to work towards this goal with utmost sincerity and dedication. They also committed to acting as responsible and resolution-abiding citizens of ENPO and the Konyak Union, and to promoting unity, harmony, and the collective interests of their people in all future endeavors.

The candidates acknowledged the potential consequences of any future violations of this bond. "We understand that any future violation of this undertaking may result in appropriate consequences as decided by the ENPO and the Konyak Union," they stated, affirming their commitment to work towards the betterment and unity of the ENPO and the Konyak community.