Businesses voluntarily down shutters in Kohima

A closure notice put up at CROSSWORD Kohima. (Morung Photo)
A closure notice put up at CROSSWORD Kohima. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Kohima | July 13

Following an increasing spike in Coronavirus positive cases in the state capital, some businesses have voluntarily decided to down their shutters. Starting Monday, CROSSWORD Kohima, which is unarguably the largest bookstore in Nagaland will remain closed for a period of one week. This also comes in the wake of the state government rejecting the proposal for a total lockdown in Kohima.

“We think that a total lockdown is necessary at the moment but it’s not been imposed, so taking all factors into consideration, we thought we will close for a week. Then we will see where we stand and decide further whether to open or close,” Azino Sakhrie, Operations Director, CROSSWORD Kohima told The Morung Express.

Asserting that it is not only for their own safety but for the safety of everybody, she said, “we have taken extra precautionary measures in the store but we never know how safe it is and we have made the decision after a lot of thought.” Surprisingly, she pointed out that more customers have walked in during the period of lockdown, and also revealed that “many people came to buy books especially a lot of craft and sketch books, as well as board games for families.”

“The customer response has been very good but then we decided for now what we think is best,” she put across. In terms of business, it is definitely going to have an impact, but she stated firm belief that health and safety are priority for now.

Selavito, Manager of CROSSWORD Kohima also said that “we are closing for a week starting today as a precaution for the safety of the staff and the public.” CROSSWORD Kohima currently has 12 employees working in the bookstore and the adjoining café called Page Break Café.

KIWI store in Jail Colony which is known for its large selection of goods for all occasions, also downed the shutters on Monday. There are three branches of KIWI in Kohima namely KIWI Store, KIWI XL and KIWI Mart in Sepfuzou.

Medo Yhokha, Proprietor of KIWI, said, “We are thinking of closing down all the three stores if necessary. As of now, we just downed the shutters of KIWI Store because as compared to the other two stores, there is congestion of space and it is more vulnerable.” As far as sanitization and social distancing is concerned, the other two stores are more spacious, he added.

“We have taken the decision for my personal family security and also for the welfare of the public,” he affirmed. He went on to state that “we understand that the government is doing its best,” and in this regard, urged for the need of public response. Stating that “no matter how much we try, sometimes it’s difficult,” he reiterated that the public is equally responsible.

“We are anticipating that the government will also take a wise decision,” he articulated while impressing upon the need for a total lockdown in the state capital for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, AVEK Mart, a departmental store located near IOC, Kohima has also taken the decision to close for a week. Accordingly, The Corner Store, a mini branch of AVEK Mart will also remain closed for a period of one week.