• Mutations could render Covid vax ineffective in a year: Experts
    New York, March 30 (IANS) Mutations could render current Covid-19 vaccines ineffective in a year or less, according to two-thirds of 77 epidemiologists, virologists and infectious disease specialists from 28 countries surveyed by People's Vaccine Alliance. The results published on Tuesday deliver a stark warning of the risk the world is taking by failing to ensure all countries have sufficient vaccines to protect people from Covid-19. Of those surveyed, almost a third gave a
  • Diabetes drug may be new weapon against HIV
    New York, March 30 (IANS) A team of researchers has discovered an important vulnerability of the AIDS-causing retrovirus HIV, and has shown in preclinical experiments that a widely used diabetes drug, metformin, seems able to exploit this vulnerability. The findings, published in the journal Nature Immunology, suggests that HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), when it infects immune cells called CD4 T cells, helps fuel its own replication by boosting a key process in the cells' p
  • Added sugar linked to liver disease among children
    New York, March 30 (IANS) Restricting excessive consumption of added sugars may represent an early and important target by which non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease (NAFLD) risk can be reduced among children, said researchers. The study, published recently in the journal Pediatric Obesity, indicated that NAFLD is associated with both a lack of exercise, and excessive consumption of sucrose, the scientific name for table sugar, which is comprised of both fructose and glucose. While
  • Covid-19 strains don't appear to be highly variable: Expert
    New York, March 28 (IANS) As the emergence of new Covid-19 variants from different parts of the world complicate the fight against the pandemic, there appears to be some silver lining now. This is because an expert has found that the different strains of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the disease, do not appear to be highly variable. Writing an opinion piece in the magazine 'Scientific American', evolutionary microbiologist, Vaughn Cooper, said that the evidence sugge
  • Sensory loss ups depression risk in women
    London, March 27 (IANS) Women who suffer from vision, hearing or dual sensory loss are more than twice as likely to report depression and anxiety than men with similar issues, a new study suggests. The study, published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, indicated that the prevalence of depression and anxiety was between 2 and 2.56 higher in women compared to men. "Our study found that while sensory loss, particularly both vision and hearing loss, results i
  • Serum Institute's 2nd Covid vax likely to be launched in Sep
    New Delhi, March 27 (IANS) Serum Institute of India, the world's biggest Covid-19 vaccine maker, is hopeful to launch Covovax by September this year, CEO Adar Poonawalla announced on Saturday. "Covovax trials finally begin in India; the vaccine is made through a partnership with Novavax and Serum Institute of India," said Adar Poonawalla. He further said that it has been tested against African and UK variants of Covid-19 and has an overall efficacy of 89 per cent. &
  • Cholesterol could be key to new Alzheimer's, diabetes therapies
    NEW YORK, MARCH 26 (IANS): Examining the role of cholesterol in both Alzheimer's disease and Type-2 diabetes, researchers have identified a small molecule that may help regulate cholesterol levels in the brain, making it a potential new therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease. There is no known cure for Alzheimer's disease and in the last decade, scientists have found increasing evidence linking the underlying causes of Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.
  • How seasonal shifts affect your skin
    New Delhi, March 25 (IANSlife) As the weather changes, most of us notice changes in the texture and appearance of our skin as well. A shift from dry to oily feeling, increase in skin flare ups and breakouts are common experiences. Seasonal changes bring with them a lot of environmental changes as well. Along with temperature shifts, humidity levels also fluctuate. The type of pollens or allergic elements in the environment also change, so do microorganisms. All these changes do have
  • 3 common antiviral drugs potentially effective against Covid
    NEW YORK, MARCH 25 (IANS): A team of researchers has found that three commonly used antiviral and antimalarial drugs are effective in vitro at preventing replication of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. The study, published in the journal ACS Omega, looked at three antiviral drugs that have proven effective against Ebola and the Marburg virus -- tilorone, quinacrine and pyronaridine. "We were looking for compounds that could block the entry of the virus into the ce
  • AstraZeneca confirms strong vaccine protection after US rift
    Washington, March 25 (AP) AstraZeneca insisted Wednesday that its COVID-19 vaccine is strongly effective even after counting additional illnesses in its disputed US study, the latest in an extraordinary public rift with American officials. In a late-night press release, AstraZeneca said it had recalculated data from that study and concluded the vaccine is 76 per cent effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19, instead of the 79 per cent it had claimed earlier in the week. Just
  • Midlife loneliness may up dementia, Alzheimer's risk
    NEW YORK, MARCH 24 (IANS): Being persistently lonely during midlife appears to make people more likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer's Disease (AD) later in life, a new study finds. The study, published in the journal 'Alzheimer's & Dementia', also indicated that people who recover from loneliness appear to be less likely to suffer from dementia. "Whereas persistent loneliness is a threat to brain health, psychological resilience following adverse lif
  • Online mindfulness may boost mental health during Covid pandemic
    NEW YORK, MARCH 24 (IANS): The fear, anxiety and stress associated with the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on mental health. However, a new study suggests these symptoms may be eased through safe and convenient online mindfulness practices. The study, published in the journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine, showed that 76 per cent of participants reported decreased anxiety, 80 per cent reported decreased stress and 55 per cent had decreased Covid-19 concern. "We
  • TB patients need extra care amid pandemic: Doctors
    GURUGRAM, MARCH 24 (IANS): As the Covid pandemic has overtaken every other health issue throughout the country, some of the doctors have suggested extra precaution for the tuberculosis (TB) patients as the virus affects lungs directly. World TB Day is observed on March 24 every year to raise awareness about the disease in the world. The doctors said that TB patients often have underlying co-morbidities and lung damages that might make them more prone to the coronavirus. They f
  • Masks must be made mandatory to control TB, say experts
    (March 24 is World TB Day) Hyderabad, March 23 (IANS) Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken to stop its spread indicate that transmission of infectious diseases can be prevented by using face masks, say experts. This simple yet most effective means is best suited to stop a deadly ailment like tuberculosis from spreading. Many healthcare experts are in favour of mandating or encouraging people to continue wearing of masks which could help in numerous ways beyond ending the curr
  • Strong coffee before exercise ups fat-burning in men: Study
    Barcelona, March 23 (IANS) Caffeine -- about 3 milligram per kilogram (mg/kg), the equivalent of a strong coffee -- ingested half an hour before aerobic exercise significantly increases the rate of fat-burning, suggests a new study. The study, published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, also found that if the exercise is performed in the afternoon, the effects of the caffeine are more marked than in the morning. "The results of our study showed tha
  • Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs effective against severe Covid, new trial in US confirms
    London, March 22 (PTI): A large trial in the US and two South American countries of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has shown 79 per cent efficacy rate at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 and 100 per cent effectiveness in stopping severe disease and hospitalisation, the biotech firm said on Monday. A Phase III study of the vaccine, developed by Oxford University and produced by AstraZeneca was conducted by AstraZeneca plc in the US, Chile and Peru and reaffirmed that the vaccine is sa
  • Poor diabetes linked to high Covid complications risk in kids
    New York, March 21 (IANS) Parents, take note. Children with poorly controlled Type-1 diabetes are at 10 times higher risk of Covid-19-related complications and death compared to those with well-controlled diabetes, say researchers, including an Indian-origin. The study, presented virtually at ENDO 2021, showed that in children with hemoglobin -- A1c -- levels higher than 9 per cent, the risk of Covid-19 complications was 10 times higher compared with children whose A1c levels were u
  • Covid patients at higher risk of stroke during hospitalisation: Study
    New York, March 20 (IANS) A new US-based study has found that hospitalised Covid-19 patients are at a higher risk of stroke compared with patients who had similar infectious conditions such as influenza and sepsis in prior studies. The study, presented at the International Stroke Conference 2021, showed that 1.4 per cent in the Covid-19 Cardiovascular Disease Registry had a stroke confirmed by diagnostic imaging during hospitalisation. Of these, 52.7 per cent experienced ischemic
  • Covid reinfections are rare, but common for older adults: Lancet
    Copenhagen, March 19 (IANS) Most people who had Covid-19 are protected from catching it again for at least six months, but elderly patients are more prone to reinfection, according to a research published in The Lancet. The large-scale assessment of reinfection rates in Denmark in 2020 confirms that only a small proportion of people (0.65 per cent) returned a positive PCR test twice. However, while prior infection gave those under the age of 65 years around 80 per cent protection
  • Covid pandemic impacts mental health worldwide: Study
    New York, March 18 (IANS) A team of researchers has shown that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted people's mental health globally. The study indicated that the global prevalence of both depression and anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic were 24 per cent and 21 per cent, respectively. "Our research found an elevated global prevalence of these mental health issues during Covid-19 and also revealed there was a wide variance in each at the region and country level," sa