Colony council accused of cold shouldering Congress candidate

Morung express News
Dimapur | June 20

The Congress has accused a colony council of preventing one of its candidates to the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) from canvassing. Khrozote Kapfo, the Congress candidate from the DMC Ward 8, told a press conference at the Congress Bhavan, Dimapur, on June 20, that the Netaji Colony Council came in the way when he undertook a door-to-door campaign in the colony on June 19. 

During the incident, which allegedly happened in the afternoon, Kapfo claimed that the council members prevented him from campaigning further. His campaign posters were also reportedly destroyed. 

According to him, the council ignored his initial attempts to reach out to them before commencing his campaign in the colony. Given the time on canvassing before polling, he claimed that he was compelled to start canvassing. 

Kutoho Chishi, President of the Dimapur Congress Committee, termed the council’s alleged act a violation of the election Model Code of Conduct (MCC). He held that the MCC prohibits actions that would obstruct or create disturbances at public meetings or processions of opponents and actions that include removing or defacing campaign materials like posters.

Netaji Council denies
The Netaji Colony Council refuted the allegation. N Lasuh, Gaonbura of the colony accused Kapfo of resorting to intimidating action. According to, Kapfo brought non-resident youths to the colony on June 19 and went door-to-door without prior information, which intimidated the residents. He said that Kapfo was only asked to stop and canvas as per the norms of the election Model Code of Conduct. He maintained that any party candidate was welcome to canvas in the colony but within the limits set by the electioneering norms. 

While the GB admitted to the Netaji Colony Council reportedly deciding to only support the BJP candidate, a council member denied it was the case. The council member, Bosheto Ayemi dismissed Kapfo’s claim that the council cold-shouldered his initial overtures for a meeting. According to Ayemi, Kapfo never approached the council as opposed to the BJP candidate, who got in touch with the council from years prior.