Entire Churachandpur declared as containment zone

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Imphal | May 6

After Greater Imphal, the whole of Churachandpur district has been declared as a COVID-19 containment zone for seven days with immediate effect.

An order issued by Churachandpur district administration on Thursday notified the whole revenue jurisdiction of Churachandpur district as a containment zone with immediate effect for a period of seven days, suspending all activities and movement of persons, except the permitted activities. The district administration was compelled to notify the whole of the district as a containment zone as the numbers of positive cases of COVID-19 continued to rise unabated.

The district administration has been imposing various restrictions in the entire district since April 19 last to check the spread of COVID-19 in the district.

An order the district administration issued on April 19 and April 30 respectively imposed night curfew and restriction to various activities including opening of shops on roster basis except on Sunday (all shops closed) in the whole of the district. However, with the numbers of COVID-19 cases in the district continuing to rise despite the restrictions, additional stringent measures to check the spread of the infection in the district without resorting to complete lockdown was necessitated, the order observed.

During the seven days of containment, all activities and movements of persons except permitted activities will remain suspended, the order stated.

The permitted activities included movement of all goods vehicles including vehicles carrying oxygen/oxygen cylinders, LPG, oil tankers, and vehicle of others essential services like power supply, garbage collections, water supply, PDS etc.

During the period, all healthcare facilities including animal’s healthcare, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and movements of healthcare workers and all pharmacies including those selling veterinary medicines will remain open.

Movement of all persons going for Covid-19 vaccination (45+ above) & frontline workers, Covid testing and medical emergencies subject to production of valid documents will be allowed.

All essential services like, drinking water, power, waste/garbage collection, PDS, etc. were also included among the permitted activities.

All vegetable, fish/meat vendors, shops dealing with essential commodities/items required for daily use/consumption only, milk booths will be allowed to open from 6 am till noon with strict social distancing and all Covid appropriate behaviour.  However, shops dealing with durable consumer’s goods are to remain completely closed.

All locals’ grocery shops/stores will be allowed to open from 6 am till 12 noon. Fuel pumps will remain open as usual, while ensuring there is no crowding.

All establishment and personnel relating to print and electronic media, telecoms service providers and approved project works requiring completion by specified deadline.

Hotels for lodging will be allowed to remain open with minimum staff. Restaurants are to be closed and food deliveries service providers and groceries delivery services providers are permitted.

The declaration of Churachandpur district as a containment zone was came up days after the similar step was taken up in Greater Imphal area (covering major portions of the twin capital districts- Imphal West and Imphal East district) six days ago, following spirally rise in the number of positive cases.

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