Nature Does Nothing in Vain


Nisha Dahiya , Asst. Professor, Dept. of English



The outbreak of the pandemic in the form of Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) has brought us to a stage where the Latin phrase “NATURA NIHIL FRUSTRA FACIT” seems apt to justify the present scenario by highlighting the fact that ‘nature does nothing in vain’.


There has been atrocity: deaths, suffering, inconveniences, and so much more! Some couldn’t stand it because of their vulnerable immunity; many aren’t able to stand it because of the steps taken up by the authorities to combat this threat: the complete lockdown- no wages, no food, and no shelter! Only misery! But, blessed with the capability of adapting to our environment, what all we must do and are already doing is- adapt to the situation; trying to handle things in the best possible manner! Thank God, the poor are being taken care of as much as possible. There are numerous and innumerable people out there reaching out to the poor directly or indirectly and helping (even though it may be like a drop in the ocean) to lessen their struggle and suffering. Cheers to the fact that people didn’t hesitate and came forward voluntarily to give, to donate, to offer, and to assist, in terms of money, material and services!


History is the witness now, and to some extent it has nullified the ages-long stigma that the man has become so self-centred that he doesn’t care about anything else beyond his own selfishness! If it was so, there wouldn’t be those overworking front-line personnel risking their own lives vs CoronaVirus, fully aware that this virus leaves none if in contact with the infected. What a commendable job and great example of compassion and service to others!


Moreover, since all human activities are at a halt, the Earth is healing itself. Everyone is astonished to see how nature has recovered or at least it’s in the process of recovering! Fauna and flora- the victims of human dominion (“tyranny” as Jeremy Bentham termed it) so far- are breathing like never before!


But, the main subject here is actually ‘you and me’! How’s Covid-19 making and breaking us? Not only what we are doing or trying to do, but, also what we are NOT DOING, is to be pondered upon. ‘Life in Quarantine’ – seems like dream-come-true (e.g. no school, no college, no office; just staying at home all the time!) as it used to be the most common wish of most of the people on any ordinary working-day morning. Also not to forget the cliché- life’s so busy, no time at all! Well, how now? Covid-19 has given us plenty of time. How much have we achieved or fulfilled our wishes and plans?


Is the divine purpose of quarantine just to expose the follies of the creature called ‘human’? Such as it started with the slogan – ‘stay home, stay safe’ and then moved on with ‘stay home, save lives’; but one thing common in both the phrases and phases is – ‘home’! So, the impression was- getting plenty of family-time! But, in reality, isn’t the picture quite different? Don’t we see everyone’s eyes fixed on the screens (chats, Tiktok, memes, ML, Ludo, Ramayana, K-Pop, Webinars, web-sessions etc.)? Everybody is as busy with their own things as it’s always been. Unknowingly, unintentionally, unwantedly, unreasonably, and sadly what has remained back-seated is the family!


But, if you disagree with me then please go ahead and proclaim this love and bliss! Shout-out and show-off the joy of being ‘with them’ and the pride of ‘having them’ as your FAMILY, to them and to the world.


No doubt the quarantine is hard. Really hard! But, our social-emotional needs need to be fulfilled to keep our mental sanity up. Because, the negative forces like anxiety, stress, depression, rejection, and even existentialism may create immense mental/emotional pressure, luring into our lives and hovering over the most vulnerable beings to make them their victims.


But, we ought to survive! We must not give in to any negative forces! Life is precious and has to be lived to the fullest. We have to pass this phase and emerge out not only as survivors but also as the CHAMPIONS!  Let’s utilise the quarantine and backfire Covid-19. Let's explore our existence and make it count by making a positive impact on our surroundings – on the people we are with. Inspire and encourage them –love them and show this love to them. Let’s make ourselves powerful: equipped with knowledge. Let’s hone our talent! Brush up our skills. Learn new things! We have got the time now – no busy schedule bound by timings like it was and will be after quarantine is over. So, this is the ideal time. ‘Quarantine Chefs’ flooded, homes turned into DIY hotspots, and the whole education system brilliantly turned into a magnificent virtual world offering the best learning opportunities – beyond the curriculum, beyond horizon, like never before.


We have been given a chance to recognise, realise and remember that we are capable of doing much more than what we have been doing! The potential is unfathomable, all we need to do is- strive for excellence, dive into the ocean of possibilities and emerge out as the evolved versions of ourselves- better than before, in every aspect!


Hasn’t this all happened due to these forced circumstances (life in quarantine) due to Covid-19? Hence, Natura Nihil Frustra Facit! Since nature does nothing in vain, let’s do what we ought to do: strive for excellence and create a positive impact in the world.


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