Rengma Selo Zi calls for free, fair elections

DIMAPUR, JUNE 20 (MExN): The Rengma Selo Zi (RSZ) has reaffirmed its commitment to “integrity and fairness” in the upcoming Urban Local Bodies (ULB) elections; and urged the citizens of Tseminyu town to embrace these principles. A press release from the RSZ said that these principles are “essential for the advancement and betterment of our Rengma Society.”

It called on the people to rise above divisions such as clanism, groupism, and regionalism and termed it imperative to elect leaders who are capable, honest, and righteous, ensuring unity and harmony within the community.

“We strongly encourage all candidates to engage in free and fair elections, discouraging any malpractices, booth capturing, or violence that could disrupt the voting process. Creating a peaceful voting environment is crucial, ensuring that the election proceeds smoothly and without incident,” the RSZ stated.

It further appealed to the public, Ward GBs, and leaders of all colonies to ensure that their areas experience peaceful elections. “By setting a positive example, we contribute to the welfare of our community and leave a legacy of integrity and progress for future generations. Let us work together to make Tseminyu a model of development and peace,” it added.

The RSZ meanwhile expressed support to the resolutions adopted by the Rengma Hoho during the consultative meeting held on June 18 at Riga Thong Memorial Hall, Rengma Hoho Office Building, Tseminyu.

It had resolved that all candidates contesting in the upcoming ULB Election will contest in a “free and fair manner, upholding the highest standards of integrity and honesty.” 

It was also resolved that the candidates and their respective parties would commit to participating in the ULB election in a conducive environment and will abstain from any form of malpractice or unfair means, including forceful collection of voter slips; booth capturing; house-to-house visits for threatening and intimidating voters; use of money power to purchase votes; and use of manpower to prevent voters from entering booths.