Richa Productions presents August Rush 2020 (Virtual edition)

Kohima based Richa Productions is presenting August Rush 2020 (The virtual edition) featuring various artists on August 15.

August Rush 2020, the virtual edition will be premiered at on August 15 from 12:00 noon onwards.

August Rush, which is now into 5th edition, aim to provide platform to the Naga youth to promote their skills and creativity.

Artists/EVENTS for August Rush 2020
•    Ethel as Tifa at 12 noon (Dance).
•    Kanili as Dracula at 1:00 PM (Dance)
•    Atu as Harley Quinn at 2:00 PM (Dance)
•    Legacy Leavers as Birds of prey at 3:00 PM (Dance)
•    Thujongoyi as Charlie Chaplin at 4:00 PM (Dance)
•    Ben Ezung as Gintoki at 5:00 PM (Song)
•    Sentiein Kitchu as Megumin at 6:00 PM (Song)
•    Junju Solo as Aoandon's night lights skin  at 7:00 PM (Song)
•    Naga Melon releases Their Nagamese remix song “Learn Kungfu” at 8:00 PM
•    Lu Jakhara lyric video Album release online at 9:00 PM