Why choose BBA?

“Management Is , Above All , A Practice Where Art ,Science, And Craft Meet ” ~Henry Mintzberg


BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, which is a professional course. People usually have a wrong  perception about the BBA course, they have a myth about the BBA that this course is only for the commerce background students and has less scope in future. But the fact is BBA course is for everyone who are interested to become an entrepreneur or someone who is interested to work in a big corporate, those who wants to learn more about the skills that are required in any businesses. BBA is a professional course that aims at providing management education to the students and helps in building  tactical skills. Many people assume that BBA is similar to commerce but the fact is BBA is a professional degree where theoretical concepts are taught and supplemented by practical experience of case studies and industry visits,presentation and summer or winter placement. Whereas, B.COM degree deals  with fundamentals and concepts on Accountancy, Business Administration, finance etc. 

Here are some essential highlights about the BBA degree that each one of us should know about: It’s a 3 year professional undergraduate course in business management, which can be opted by the  students from all the three streams: Arts, Science and Commerce.

There are various BBA specializations such as: Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing. Well, many of us must be questioning the scope in BBA. So, as a BBA student, I believe that this course has  huge scope for us in future. After your graduation you can prepare for CAT/MAT/GMAT exam to get into a top business school of India. There are some job profiles that you can opt for after your graduation or after your MBA; Human Resource Executive, Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Entrepreneur  Etc.

Parents are so obsessed with government  jobs especially in Naga society, they encourage their children to get one safe and permanent job. Many of our parents don't have much idea about the professional course like BBA, some don’t even know that it even exists, maybe that’s why our society kids end up taking some common paper where there are already a thousand students in the queue. It has become a tradition to work hard for government jobs and settle down. Now it’s high time to change our society's perspective towards government jobs. We can try our hands at professional courses like BBA and let us  try to bring some changes in our society. There is a Hindi phrase that says “Bandar Kya Jaane Adrak Ka Swaad" which means How Can A Monkey Appreciate The Taste Of Ginger. It actually mean that a person who is unaware of the existence of something can never appreciate it’s true value. This phrase can somehow relate to our society, because they always appreciate and look-up to government jobs when it comes to choosing their kids career and pushing their children to take up a government job over a  private  job. Maybe that’s why they can’t see the true value  and never appreciate private jobs and entrepreneurship . 

 It’s a great platform for those  who are seeking to have a strong foundation for a business enterprise in future because in BBA you will learn more  about the business world, you will be moulded perfectly to face the challenges, and your personality will be well groomed. As an introvertI personally can feel that  after I took BBA, I can see the changes in me. Now I can face any  challenges and I can express myself very well in a professional way. Why should we always think to work for others? Let's be a changer and let's study and learn  in such a manner so that we  can hire people to work under us, let’s be a job giver not a job seeker. BBA course is the right choice for you to groom your personality, and build your self-confidence. In BBA there is a lot to learn and risk is ahead of you, but the reward can be astronomical.

I choose BBA so that I can acquire management skills at a very early point in life and to learn the knowledge of the business world and act as a leader  to take decisions in the business world. And I’m glad that I chose BBA .

BBA is not only a course but it’s a platform for everyone to learn to deal with every situation in a professional manner. So, take the opportunity to change to make it   better tomorrow. 


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