Acclaimed flautist Shirish Malhotra entrances Naga artistes

(left) acclaimed flautist Shirish Malhotra and (right) siblings Lionel and Leni performing at Hope Centre for Excellence on April 27. (Morung Photos)
Supposedly, in Nagaland to trek the hills, Shirish Malhotra, acclaimed flautist from Mumbai presented a short recital today at Hope Centre for Excellence, Half Nagarjan, Dimapur. Former colleague of Nise Meruno, who is currently a teacher at HCE, Shirish accompanied by few other friends was invited for an impromptu recital at the centre. Shirish is one of India’s most proficient Western Classical flautists. It may also be mentioned that he was also one of the twelve finalists for the YouTube Online Symphony Orchestra 2011.
Siblings, Lionel and Lenin also performed Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” along with Shirish. Double Bass player Antonio Henriques was also present, but could not showcase his talent, for sadly, Double Bass instrument could not be procured.
The flute recital being a first in Nagaland, students of Hope Centre for Excellence were lucky to witness the flute virtuoso. Meanwhile, Zowe Madrigal and students of Hope Centre like Neikuo Ang Khezhie, Kevin Savino and child prodigy, Gogo, also performed.