GBUD, DUCCF for strict enforcement of SOPs

Dimapur, May 6 (MExN): The GB Union Dimapur (GBUD) and Dimapur Urban Council Chairman Federation (DUCCF) on Thursday expressed the need for strict enforcement of the guidelines given by the government in the interest of public safety and to contain the spread of COVID-19.

In a joint press statement, the two organizations issued directives to all the colony authorities within its jurisdiction to be proactive in preventing the spread of the virus by adhering to the following measures:

•    To prohibit public gathering in large numbers of any form within the colony.

•    To provide proper information to the colony citizens to obtain essential commodities within the colony shops and avoid going to the market places.

•    Instruct citizens to avoid venturing outside of home if it is not at all important/necessary to do so.

•    Make sure that the citizens maintain strict discipline and act in responsible manner by adhering to the SOPs and wear mask, use hand sanitizer and maintain social distance.

•    The colony authorities must monitor the status of the returnees/travelers entering into the colony from outside the state. No one should be allowed to stay inside the colony without informing the colony authorities about their travel history.

•    The colony authorities must check to make sure that the price of essential commodities is being sold at the prescribed rate fixed by DMC. If necessary, essential commodities needed by the citizens are to be arranged by the colony authorities so that there will be no shortage.

•    Colonies which are in the border areas must be extra cautious in order to detect people without proper valid documents/medical status report entering into the colony.

•    Colony authorities should make sure the citizens adhere to the guidelines given by the competent higher authorities.

•    Colony authorities are informed to give full cooperation and support to the district administration, law enforcing agencies, Dimapur Municipal Council and Medical department.

The two organizations apprised the district authorities to take all necessary precaution measures in all the entry points in all the travel modes (Air, Train & Road). They requested for adequate security personnel to be posted at border area entry points to detect people sneaking into the district.

They also appreciated the Police Commissioner for taking the decision to have odd/even system for vehicle movement in Dimapur. The GBUD and DUCCF also urged for stern action to be taken and penalty to be imposed against the defaulters. The GBUD and DUCCF assured assistance to the district authority as and when needed.

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