Sculpting Dreams: Meet Kohima's artistic trio, 3Atifs Naga

A life-sized 3D angel sculpture by Neivito Vitsu, Bode Swüro and Longusie Nyuthe, the artistic trio of 3Atifs Naga. (Photo Credit: 3Atifs Naga)

Morung Express news 
Kohima | June 19

Nestled along the bustling National Highway-2 in Kohima, a group of talented young sculptors are putting the finishing touches on a life-sized 3D angel sculpture. 

The strikingly realistic figure grabs passersby's attention, prompting them to pause and take a closer look.

The workshop buzzes with creativity and activity as they engage in crafting other sculptures and paintings. 

Meet the 3Atifs Naga—Neivito Vitsu, Bode Swüro, and Longusie Nyuthe—a trio bound by their passion for art and shared background in fine arts, specialising in sculpture.

The journey began just last year when a casual meeting over coffee sparked the idea to collaborate, Vitsu informed The Morung Express.

"We're all from the same artistic background," he said, reflecting on their beginnings.

After planning to work together, Vitsu, who hails from Viswema village, along with his friends Bode and Swüro from Meluri and Nyuthe from Phek respectively, came to Kohima.

“In November last year, we settled in Kohima to participate in the Hornbill Festival. The Art and Culture department was very open and welcoming when we approached them for a stall. That was when we made our first group exhibition showcasing the paintings and sculptures we had created,” he added.

3Atifs Naga- Neivito Vitsu, Bode Swüro and Longusie Nyuthe working on a life-sized sculpture at their workshop in Kohima. (Photo Credit: 3Atifs Naga)

Since settling here, it's been a whirlwind of activity as they tackle commissions, participate in competitions, and attend workshops.

"Since the beginning of this year, it has been quite hectic," Vitsu added. 

Among other events, they attended the Northeast Youth Festival and National Youth Festival, winning competitions and showcasing their paintings in a 10-day exhibition in Madhya Pradesh. 

The trio has also undertaken work outside Nagaland, besides handling commission work from their workshop located at Lerie Chazou, Kohima.

Vitsu elaborated that their commission works are for local patrons, clients from other states, and even international clients. 

Speaking about major projects, he said their portfolio extends beyond traditional sculptures to include 2D and 3D art, installation pieces, and ventures into art documentation. 

While a variety of materials like cement, wood etc are used in their craft, the majority of their work utilises fibre.

"It typically takes about a month to complete a life-sized figure," Vitsu noted, emphasising their dedication to craftsmanship. 

To divide the workload among themselves, he mentioned that one person would handle the painting while the other two work on sculptures. 

Additionally, when asked about their active social media presence, especially on Instagram, Vitsu mentioned that as young people accustomed to handling social media, it is easy for any of them to juggle between work and documenting their projects for their social media pages. 

They are active on Instagram @3AtifsNaga.