Somy Ali on Salman Khan: 'I detest him; he is sadistic, narcissistic abuser of women'

Somy Ali on Salman Khan: 'I detest him; he is sadistic, narcissistic abuser of women'

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Mumbai, November 16 (IANS) Former actress Somy Ali has spoken about her equation with ex-beau Salman Khan and called him a “coward, sadist and a narcissistic abuser of women.” She has also spoke about the superstar's involvement in banning her show ‘Fight Or Flight’.

“(Salman Khan’s) first girlfriend was a young lady named Shaheen, then came Sangeeta Bijlani, and I was his third girlfriend. We never got married as the closest he got to marriage was with Sangeeta given their wedding cards had already been printed when I entered his life, but that relationship broke up because of me and I am not proud of that fact.”

“But as karma has it, the same happened to me with his countless affairs and I also suffered unimaginable abuse at the hands of Salman, physical, verbal and sexual,” she said in statement.

She claims that Salman has a “knack for changing girlfriends.”

“I can say that Salman has a knack for changing girlfriends every seven years, but if I am not mistaken and you would know this as a reporter better than me, he has been quite consistent with Iulia Vântur. If there's any truth to that, I genuinely wish them both all the best.”

Somy and Salman are not on talking terms.

“We do not speak because I absolutely detest him as a human being. He's a cowardly man who hides what he truly is, which is a sadistic and narcissistic abuser of women. He treated me worse than a dog in front of his family, friends and even his house help which is why they all disrespected me and treated me poorly including his bodyguard, Shera.”

“Salman has mental health issues and he believes himself to be God. His fans are illiterate masses who have no idea how much he has abused all his girlfriends and recently he sent his PR Team to the Discovery + office in Mumbai and had my docu-series on my NGO banned all over India.”

“He did this solely because in the second episode without even taking his name I talk about being abused by an actor in India and he didn't want his reputation to be tarnished. Let's not forget that aside from Ms. Rai (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) and myself no one has had the guts to stand up to this man who wears many masks."

“After banning my show he had an attorney send me a threatening email to sue me if I wouldn't shut up about who Salman truly is. He still sends his PR Team to various offices to stop an interview I did about his abusive nature. Why would someone keep trying to shut things up if they weren't guilty? But it's me who has to bear the brunt of speaking my truth and being called names that I can't mention in an interview,” she shared.

Somy reveals being repeatedly blamed for saying these things to gain publicity.

“Why would someone who has received immense press in the US and is a recipient of two Presidential awards from President Obama and President George H.W. Walker Bush talk about a two-bit unknown actor in the US and who himself is an illiterate oblivious fool like his fans? He's a cowardly thug and a street bhai in the real sense of using an attorney to scare me and shut me up.

“Too bad it didn't and will never work. I always spoke about him abusing me when I was in a relationship with him and spoke with all the tabloids and I would be abused for doing that back then in the 90's as well. Hence, I was quiet until he poked the lion by banning my show,” she said, sounding upset.