• Dilemma: To worship Easter Sunday in the Church or online
    Dr John Mohan Razu   Coronavirus is the worst pandemic that hit the world in multidimensional facet and so is a multilayered and thus affects everyone in multiple ways. The impacts COVID-19 is causing and inflicting across the layers of society in different sectors have changed and going to change further in many ways. Many did undermine the consequential impact and have now started to accept its deadly power to inflict death and the ability to contaminate millions of people
  • Good Friday and the Locked-Down Cross
    Dr Pangernungba Kechu We are celebrating Good Friday in the context of a Global Lock-down. We are all too sure about the fact that the country wide lock-down in India is a difficult cross to be bearing. Unlike the multitudes, abuses, and shouts that dramatized the crucifixion of Jesus in the open spaces of Jerusalem, “social distancing” has kept all of us locked inside our homes. How should Christians celebrate and reflect meaningfully on the spiritual, political, and social si
  • What’s knocking at the door? A Maundy Thursday Meditation
    James Kalong Today our imaginations, our existence, our entire lives are all gripped by a microscopic virus that is creating so much havoc and panic all over. The world is bracing to contain CoViD-19, to stay safe and to save lives. From the most powerful nation to the least, from the richest person to an unknown beggar, from a world leader to a street dweller, from a doctor to a patient, we are all on the edge. Nuclear bombs no longer seem to be a threat for the world at this jun
  • Understanding Compassion at times of Plague
     Moanaro Imchen “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few- or the one.” This famous dialogue exchanged between Captain Kirk and Spock in the second Star Trek movie “The Wrath of Khan” is very apt to the situation facing not only India but the world-at-large. An enemy one cannot readily see threatens our lives. Decisions must be made and actions must be undertaken to protect everyone.   The elderly, the weak, and the infirmed are most vulnerable
  • Courage in His Hands
    Moanaro Imchen Here is the question of courage, of being bold and standing still with our heads held high, despite everything. And it is difficult being courageous. A scene of, trust me, being bold and showing of our bravado often depicts some heroes or heroines saving someone or something. But life as it is, to each his or her own, gives us enough opportunity to be courageous.   We often read accounts of individuals risking one’s life in order to safe and help peop
  • Little things matter
    Moanaro Imchen Mokokchung  Our life, as interesting or mundane as it can be, should be appreciated simply because we are living on borrowed time. Our life is but a mould of mud created by our Lord and the very breathe we breathe during our short life on this beautiful world is also the breathe of God. As such, as humans, we do dream big and in that process, very sadly, we forget the small things in life. Small things which do matter because if we think of the building bloc
    And other lies I have been taught   Sentilong Ozukum  My good friend passed away a few of months ago after battling with stomach cancer for less than a year. He was only twenty nine. During his brief illness, he made peace with God and was confident that God will heal the tumour that had taken illicit refuge in his body. He prayed for hours every day pleading with God to heal his afflictions. Whenever we visited him, he exclaimed joyously that God would heal him an
  • The significance of Lord’s Day/Sunday in Christian circle
    Dr. Sashinungla Pongen  OTS  Many people were caught by surprise the morning of January 10, 2019, when good citizens of Dimapur glanced at the newspapers that carried the news of the eventful declaration of the closure of shops and other business activities carried out on Sundays to mark the day as Holy. Apparently, citizens of all walks of life, most remarkably Christians paused over the news and begin to ask questions of all sorts concerning the whats, whys and the
  • Storytelling as medium for inclusive worship
    From left to right: Rev. Dr Zhodi Angami, Rev. Dr Marlene Ch. and Rev. Dr L. M. Narola Imchen during the release of the book.      ‘As One: Telling Stories for Inclusive Worship’ book released   Selie Visa  ‘As One: Telling Stories for Inclusive Worship,’ a theological book written by Rev. Dr Marlene Ch. Marak was released by Rev. Dr LM Narola Imchen, Principal of Eastern Theological College, Jorhat, Assam, in Cook’s Chapel on Septembe
  • Sabbath and Sunday
    Rev. Dr. Ezamo Murry Each of these two holy days is important to the two Judeo - Christian faiths – Judaism and Christianity. The command to observe Sabbath is one of the Decalogue. It was given as a day of complete rest, a day of no work and no travelling. It was to make the seventh day a day of rest even as God worked creating the world for six days and rested on the seventh day. The Sabbath observance was also one of the memory aids of the Jews’ covenant with God.  
  • Sunday for the Health Professionals
    Dr. Viu Meru   “And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made” (Genesis 2:2 &3) “and was refreshed” (Exodus 31: end of 17).   “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy….in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all th
  • The Sanctity of Sunday and Monday Morning Worship
    Rev. Dr. Chekrovei Cho-o   Prologue: “Sunday Closure” in Dimapur has been a topic of debate as well as a matter of practical confusion among the Christians without any concrete conclusion thus far. This article is not a solution either but a humble attempt to throw in further light on the issue towards a better understanding of Sunday and the purpose of its observance. Much has been said in the earlier articles concerning the transition from Sabbath to Sunday, their inte
    Rev. Dr. Wati Longchar   Easter is a day of great jubilation and it is the most important event in the Christian calendar. It is the day when God in Christ decisively revealed that in Jesus we have become conquerors in our battle against sin, death and evil. From the eyes of the world, Jesus was a pathetic loser for He was crucified and died on the cross. Seeing the Evil, God decided to break His silence, brought Jesus back to life - to say that Jesus won the battle against
  • Sabbath-keeping: A life-giving practice
    Rev. Dr. Ellen K. Jamir Sabbath-keeping or observing Christian Sunday or “the day of the Lord,”is an important practice for those of us who profess to be believers or Christians. It is a practice that has taken various forms in the course of our faith history. Different denominations exist in our world today and although our emphasis or doctrines may vary, every group considers observing worship of God and living out our faith to be significant in the life of a believer. For th
  • Coffee Shop on Sunday
    Lichan Humtsoe   My dad was a police his entire life and had to work on Sundays, Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Good Friday, etc. Same goes with my sister who works in the hospital attending to sick people even on Sundays, and growing up as a kid this has kept me ever confused because I have the elders and most Church workers strictly warning me not to work on Sunday and on the other hand I grew up watching my dad work on Sunday and later my sister.  
  • Sabbath Conversation: The Early Naga Christians
    Dr. Joshua Lorin Oriental Theological Seminary   The transference of the concept of “biblical Sabbath” (the seventh day) to “Sunday” (the first day of the week) with all its allegiances, prerogatives, and embargoes is the work of history. Though the “transference” aspect is not evident in the Early Church, the Church Fathers did establish the first day of the week as the “Lord’s Day,” but it was not necessarily a Sabbath day. This move hinges on one ev
  • Molly Of Denali And The Power Of Indigenous Representation
    This PBS cartoon is the first of its kind in the history of the United States    Kaitlin Curtice  Sojourners A few days ago, I gathered with my two Potawatomi sons on our couch to watch Molly of Denali, a cartoon that recently premiered on PBS starring a young girl named Molly who is an Alaska Native (specifically, Gwich’in/Koyukon/Dena’ina Athabascan). This show is the first of its kind in the history of the United States.    To say that
  • Is the World's Next Missions Movement in Ethiopia?
    Ethiopian churches no longer want to be on the receiving end of the Great Commission     Jack Bryan Christianity Today    After Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935, Western missionaries fled or were forced to leave. Among them were the first two missionaries from Sudan Interior Mission (now SIM), who had planted a church in Sidama, a southern region known for growing coffee. They were attacked on the road and killed. After the Italian occupiers were expel
    -How do I know my spiritual experience is authentic?- Today there is much talk about spiritual experiences and people are interested in the supernatural and spiritual things.  While this hunger is good, it is also dangerous because it elevates spiritual experiences to a level where it becomes unhealthy to the authentic Christian spiritual reality.  This hunger for spiritual experience, which we see today, is often vague and not pointed or focused, and has the potential o
  • Naga Christianity: Holy Mess vs Holy Mass
    Naga ChristianityNaga Christianity is a kettle of fish. A turbulent voyage it is. Intellectualism stirs the calm sea of orthodoxy; as galaxies of secular worldviews storms and challenges the pure ethos of the Bible; as west wind of change of liberalism threatens to shipwreck biblical integrity that the church held with pride; as waves of atheistic free-thinking strikes and confronts the morality laid plain in the scriptures; as pirates of Satanism tries to invade the souls of the young