In a simple truth Advent Christmas (or Pre-Christmas) simply means ‘waiting or expecting’ by preparing one self. Advent is a reminder for our spiritual preparation to get renewed or recharged, while we anticipate the ‘Feast of Christmas’! It is important to have Advent Christmas, to remind ourselves about the ‘First Coming of Jesus’, and to prepare ourselves also for the ‘Second Coming of Jesus’! With clear conscience and of understanding
  • Wedding Ring and Veil
    Its significance for Christian Marriage Introduction: Our society is becoming a ‘thought-squeezed-society’ where there is very little or no space given for thinking to live a reasonable life. We see what is happening in our society but do not perceive it. We know what’s happening but do not understand it.   Our mind is so squeezed that we hardly take time to think what we are doing is right or wrong. We hardly take time to think whether what we are doin
  • Jonah’s lesson in the fish college
    Indeed, it is not a wonder that scores of people, after clearing their P.U., hunt for admission in reputed Colleges, such as St. Stephen College, Lady Shri Ram College, Hindu College, St. Xavier College, Presidency College, Loyola College and others. Ironically, in the history of the Bible, the ‘Fish College’ was attended by only one man, whose name was Jonah, the son of Ammitai. Interestingly, unlike the present trend, where people fight to get admission in different Colle
  • Only the Holy Spirit brings true revival
    Organized by the Boro Baptist Church Association, the 32nd Revival Crusade was held at Rikum Memorial School Ground, Borpothar near Tokrajhar under the theme: “…Lord, revive us again” from November 25-27, 2011. Rev Zotuo Kiewhuo, Senior Pastor Koinonia Baptist Church cum Principal Kohima Bible College ministered the Word of God at the Crusade. Speaking to a crowd of more than 11000, Rev Zotuo Kiewhuo exhorted them to be reminiscent that “It is only the Holy Spir
  • A wedding planner’s mission in life
    In this wedding season, wedding planner Miss Tasang Imchen is a harried lady who wishes she has more time on her hands. Proprietor of ‘Wedding Pathways’ – a house that looks after every aspects of wedding including decoration, catering, photography/videography, sound system, ornaments and bouquets and rental services (love seats, chairs and table covers, cake tables, tent houses and aisle runners), Tasang is however different from the usual breed of wedding planners.
  • The true meaning of ADVENT
    Advent is a season in the Christian calendar preceding Christmas and also means Second Coming, the return of Jesus to Earth in Christian belief.What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?To many, Christmas means “Pork, holiday, shopping, friends, family, presents, nice smelling Christmas trees, candy- cane- mistle-toe, new clothes, sitting by the fireside, packing old stuffs away, cleaning the house, helping children to plan for next year, Jesus’ Birthday, and so f
  • Christianity Is Life, Not A Religion
    Relevance for the NagasIn the first place, the purpose of this article has no any intention to attack or quash the validity of other faiths. The author’s intention is to uphold biblical faith which does not belong to a religious practice categorically. Theory and practice or head and heart of Christian faith cannot be seen isolated. Rather, a person who founds his faith in the Bible demonstrates a total personality and not a multicolor reflection. Christianity as a religion is a
  • Classic Act of the Elite
    The acts of social discrimination has become a trend and the doers of it are the leaders of our nation. It is sad that these elected representatives of the people has not only become a blot to the democracy of our nation but they have also defamed the holy name of Christ through their acts of violence on the wicked sections of the society. These acts of suppression can be likened to a father torturing his sons and daughters. Our sins are now out to destroy us and lest we rid ourselves
  • How to trust God when going through difficult times
    I’d like to share with you some reflections from Andrea Mayes, an amazing woman in my church who has had to deal with a great number of difficulties. Andrea wrote these words several years ago and still holds true to them today despite the continuation of difficult family circumstances.“Recently I have had tests and challenges come at me from all sides.  They have included 2 ½ months of morning sickness; Stephen, Lucy and I being sick with various illnesses; a ver
  • The Prince of Peace: Shalom
    PEACE is the most common, familiar word for everyone all over the world; it is the desire and cry of every human heart and soul to enjoy PEACE. First page of daily news always talk about peace; some say peace means absence of war, some say cordial co-existence between men. The word here PEACE speaks of not what the world can give or be purchased but this peace talks about the divine peace as Jesus himself said “I will give peace which the world cannot give.” This peace spea
  • How to Win ANY Battle in Life
    You’ve tried it your way and failed. Don’t give up! Choose to stay in the game and see how God even takes our mistakes and builds them into our greatest victories.How many times have we heard this one: “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game that counts.” Some of us realized winning meant a lot when we noticed that the guys who got the girls were the ones who won the starting positions on the team. Even if how they played th
  • Enemy of our Nation
    The wars we fought and the battles we won are all recorded in the history of our nation. In the past when our land was invaded by foreigners, the invaders got the better of us as they conquered most of our territories. The secret behind their success was that they followed certain strategies which were initiated by their able leaders.The manner in which they started controlling almost the whole world portrayed their ambitious nature. But their dominion over us did not last long because
  • Can a baby be born of the Holy Spirit coming upon a virgin?
    Can a girl raped by a Holy Spirit give birth to a Child? This is an issue fundamental in Christianity.This writer use the word ‘rape’ to make the issue real and near to the Nagas as our Society today has of late come eye ball to eye ball and face-to-naked face with the question of rape in our society.Professor Maheswary of Delhi University, a world renowned Authority on EMBRYOLOGY, just after a Lecture tour of Israel he called “the holy land”, said self-fertiliz
  • 19th Thanksgiving...
    Missiological Research Center observed its 19th Thanksgiving cum foundation day on November 16 with Rev Vilodi Sakhrie, pastor Town Baptist Church, Dimapur as the guest speaker. Rev Wati Longkumer, director Nagaland Missions Movemet (NMM) offered the thanksgiving prayer. MRC Alumni Association graced the occasion by brining their greetings.
    ‘Watch a man play an hour’s time and you can tell who he is’.To bring change is not easy but a process that needs your extra efforts. Many leaders are too traditional to accept the tool of sports. The church cannot be confined and just being without proclaiming the gospel. What was useful before may not be applicable in today’s fast changing world. Its good to remember that only discipline people comes to church, but not the unbelievers, neither addicted nor alc
  • Rely On God
    During the holidays my family traveled to London, England, for a vacation. The trip was an analogy of a much more important journey each of us is on--fulfilling God’s plan for his or her life.For one thing, the preparation was longer than the journey itself. We prepared for months, checking flight times and prices and making certain all our paperwork was in order.Some of the preparation was tedious and time-consuming. How true this is in the spiritual realm as well! In fact, the
  • GOD is not DOG
    Interrogative introduction: What comes to your mind when you see here - God and Dog in an associating mood? To be a good follower of God we need to be inquisitive:  Am I ‘strong believer’ in God? What kind of faith do I have in God? Is God only mine, my family, my ethnic race, and my religious affiliation or is God equally belongs to everyone and the whole universe?  Do I obey God or do I let God obey my commands? How have I been using God for these many years? Wh
  • Group from Nagaland on holy land tour
    The holy land tour team in the premises of the Church of the Beatitudes, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount as recorded in the gospel of Mathew in the Bible, on November 4, 2011 Friday, at Tabgha, Israel. (Photo Courtesy Temjen Jamir)  The holy land tour team organised by the Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo (DABA) visited the place which are of great significance as recorded in the Bible. On November 4 they visited Church of the Beatitudes, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount
  • Faithful fathering:The father’s role in a Christian home
    Albert Einstein said, “Try not to be come a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” With a deep breath in his lungs and a firm grasp on his courage, Mark is about to take on the biggest job of his life. At the age of 28 he’s getting married. Some people would jokingly say he is finally getting married. But to Mark everything leading up to his wedding with Teri fits the careful plan of God.The demands of his skyrocketing career in electronics research
  • When bad things happen to good people
    One of life’s most perplexing mysteries is why bad things happen to good people. We have all heard the stories of how the most dedicated teenager in the church was abruptly killed in an automobile accident, or how the beautiful young mother with three children is stricken with cancer and suddenly passes, leaving her infants to be raised by loving family members. Why the righteous suffer has always been an enigma.There is no one set reason or explanation as to why bad things happe