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  • Home support, flexible work hours boost women hiring in India
    New Delhi, September 29 (IANS): Strong support from live-in help and grandparents as well as flexible working hours saw more women's workplace participation in India, as the share of female hires increased from around 30 per cent in April to reach 37 per cent at the end of July, a LinkedIn study revealed on Tuesday. India bucked the trend in maintaining and even increasing gender parity as the hiring of women in many developed countries followed a U-shaped trajectory in 2020, di
  • NASA picks SpaceX for $109.4mn launch services of IMAP mission
    Washington, September 28 (IANS): NASA has selected SpaceX to provide launch services for the agencys Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) mission which will help researchers better understand the boundary of the heliosphere, a magnetic barrier surrounding our solar system. The total cost to launch IMAP and the secondary payloads will be approximately $109.4 million, which includes the launch service and other mission related costs, NASA said. The boundary of the hel
  • How NASA is preparing astronauts for next moonwalks
    Washington, September 27 (IANS): As NASA plans to return humans to the Moon in 2024 as part of the Artemis programme, the agency has already started preparing astronauts for the challenges that they will face on the lunar surface. The training includes performing tasks underwater in especially built giant pools and using different analog environments to simulate lunar conditions. As part of a test series occurring in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) at Johnson Space Center in Houst
  • Twitter beefs up security for internal tools from potential misuse
    New Delhi, September 26 (IANS): To further secure its internal tools from potential misuse after the massive crypto hack in July, Twitter has rolled out phishing-resistant security keys, requiring its team to use them when authenticating to systems around the world. The move, the company said, is to help reduce the risk of an unauthorised third-party gaining access to Twitter internal systems using compromised employee credentials. The July 15 hack resulted in Twitter profiles fo
  • Twitter to launch 'read before you retweet' prompt very soon
    New Delhi, September 25 (IANS): To help promote informed discussion and reduce spread of fake, harmful content, Twitter will very soon launch a new prompt on Android for the users to open and read the article first before retweeting. After a small experiment with a set of users, Twitter found that people open articles 40 per cent more often after seeing the prompt. "People opening articles before RTing increased by 33 per cent," the company said in a tweet on Thursday.
  • Online grocery to become $18bn industry in India by 2024: Report
    Bengaluru, September 25 (IANS): As companies from Reliance to Amazon put their top dollar in serving daily grocery at your doorstep, a new report said on Friday that online grocery is going to be the next battleground for growth, expanding to over $18 billion by 2024. According to a joint report by a joint initiative by Bengaluru-based market consulting firm RedSeer and Bigbasket (Brand Intelligence), driven by the significant rise in organic adoption during Covid-19, eGrocery has b
  • New malware Alien can steal credentials from 226 Android apps
    New Delhi, September 24 (IANS): Cyber security researchers have found a new Trojan malware named Alien that can steal credentials from 226 Android apps in several countries including in India. Alien targeted other apps as well like Gmail, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Most targets are banking apps, but Alien can also show phishing pages for social, instant messaging, and cryptocurrency apps, reports ZDNet. The Alien malware is a rented banking Trojan whic
  • Big companies deserve scrutiny, Apple has no monopoly: Tim Cook
    San Francisco, September 22 (IANS): Stressing that big companies deserve scrutiny, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that his company conducts itself with utmost integrity and professionalism. Speaking at The Atlantic Festival on Monday where he discussed privacy, antitrust issues and his relationship with US President Donald Trump, Cook said Apple has no monopoly over the global markets, reports MacRumors. "I have no issue at all in Apple being put underneath the microscope and p
  • NASA shares $28bn plan to return humans to Moon in 2024
    Washington, September 22 (IANS): NASA has shared an update on its Artemis programme, including the latest plans to land the first woman and the next man on the surface of the Moon in 2024 at a cost of nearly $28 billion. However, according to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, meeting the tight deadline set by the Donald Trump administration would depend a lot on Congress approving $3.2 billion quickly for the development of human-rated lunar landers, according to a report in Space
  • Travel bug hits people, digital skills to boost recovery: Google
    San Francisco, September 21 (IANS): After living months in isolation during the pandemic, the travel bug has hit millions of people and according to Google, 45 per cent of the top 100 questions related to travel in Search focused on the impact of Covid-19 and the desire to travel as safely and as soon as possible. Google research, conducted with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), showed that 31 percent of people hope to plan leisure travel once they feel safe enough to do so, the co
  • Help Alexa learn more Indian languages: Amazon India
    New Delhi, September 20 (IANS): As Alexa in Hindi celebrates its first anniversary in India, the company is hopeful that her knowledge graph will improve and it will talk to millons of people in several regional languages in the near future. Today, users from India make hundreds of thousands of requests in a day to Alexa in Hindi and Hinglish. "I can't speculate on our future roadmap but I can tell you the Alexa service is getting smarter every day and we're working
  • Canadian researchers join Apple to empower heart failure patients
    Toronto, September 20 (IANS): The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research at University Health Network (UHN) here has collaborated with Apple to give heart failure patients more control over their health from their homes and usher in a new era of remote monitoring possibilities. The study will investigate how physiological signals from Apple Watch - such as heart rate and the new blood oxygen feature - can help with better management of heart failure with the goal of driving better cli
  • Google makes it easier to access Search, Chrome and Gmail in iOS 14
    San Francisco, September 19 (IANS): Google has given its users easier access to Search, Chrome and Gmail on the new Apple iOS 14. The users can now add a Google Search Widget to their Home Screen to let them find information even faster. "You can also set Chrome as your default browser app on your iPhone or iPad, and in the coming days, you'll be able to set Gmail as your default email app," Luke Wroblewski, Director, iOS at Google, said in a statement on Friday.
  • WhatsApp on Web may soon get fingerprint authentication feature
    New Delhi, September 18 (IANS): WhatsApp is reportedly working on to adding another layer of security via biometric scanning support that will help users secure new sessions on the platform on the Web. According to WABetainfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp in Beta, the mobile messaging platform has dedicated a team to work on making the entire browser service more secure. "One would have to open WhatsApp on their smartphones and scan their fingerprint to initiate the web se
  • Microsoft announces new tool to find, fix bugs at scale
    New Delhi, September 18 (IANS): Microsoft has introduced a new tool on its open source repository GitHub that will further help developers and security researchers find and remove critical bugs. Called Project OneFuzz, it is an extensible fuzz testing framework for Azure Cloud. Available through GitHub as an open-source tool, the testing framework used by Microsoft Edge, Windows, and teams across the company is now available to developers around the world. "Fuzz testing i
  • Seagate launches 18TB hard drive for enterprises
    New Delhi, September 18 (IANS): US data storage company Seagate Technology on Friday introduced an 18TB helium-based enterprise hard drive as part of the Exos X18 family in India. Exos X18 is the fifth-generation high capacity helium 3.5-inch 7200 RPM nearline enterprise drive with both SATA and SAS interfaces. It will be available starting October 1 with Seagate's authorized distributors and partners. Both Exos X18 SATA and SAS interfaces will retail at Rs 64,000 and Rs 65,0
  • First possible 'survivor' planet found orbiting white dwarf star
    Washington, September 17 (IANS): Using data from NASA missions, an international team of astronomers has found what may be the first intact planet orbiting a white dwarf, the dense leftover of a Sun-like star, only 40 per cent larger than Earth. The Jupiter-size object, called WD 1856 b, is about seven times larger than the white dwarf, named WD 1856+534. It circles this stellar cinder every 34 hours, more than 60 times faster than Mercury orbits our Sun. "WD 1856 b somehow
  • Indians seek audio quality, battery life in phones during WFH
    New Delhi, September 17 (IANS): As work from home scenario gets longer, most of the Indian smartphone users consider audio quality as one of the most important factors in their next smartphone purchase, followed by battery life and camera, a survey said on Thursday. Nearly 81 per cent of smartphone gamers believe Dolby Atmos can enhance their gaming experience and 82 per cent smartphone users believe movies are best enjoyed with advanced technologies, such as Dolby Atmos, said the s
  • Microsoft retrieves underwater data centre after 2 years
    Seattle, September 15 (IANS): Microsoft sank a shipping container-sized data centre 117 feet deep in the seafloor off Scotlands Orkney Islands in 2018 as part of its Project Natick. The tech giant has now retrieved it coated in algae, barnacles and sea anemones, confirming viability of seafloor data storage in the near future. The data centre was hauled up from the seafloor and prior to transportation off the Orkney Islands, the Green Marine team power-washed the water-tight steel t
  • ByteDance not selling TikTok's US biz to Oracle: Chinese media
    Beijing, September 14 (IANS): State-owned Chinese media on Monday reported that ByteDance will neither sell TikTok's US operations to Oracle nor give the source code to any US buyer in that country. State-owned China Global Television Network (CGTN) said it "has learned from sources that ByteDance will also not sell TikTok's US operations to Oracle". Reacting to the report, the Foreign Ministry said that it supports Chinese businesses to protect their own rights