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  • WhatsApp adds additional security layer to link account to PCs
    New Delhi, January 28 (IANS): As millions of people now access WhatsApp on their PCs and laptops, the Facebook-owned platform on Thursday announced to add an additional layer of security where users will be able to link their WhatsApp account on mobile phones to their computers. In order to link WhatsApp Web or Desktop to your WhatsApp account, you will now be asked to use your face or fingerprint unlock on your phone, before scanning a QR code from the phone to link your device.
  • 84% Indian consumers feel AI drives better customer experience
    New Delhi, January 28 (IANS): About 84 per cent Indian consumers agree that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to provide better customer experience, improve brand reputation, and increase customer loyalty, a study revealed on Thursday. According to software company Pegasystems, the study surveyed over 1,000 consumers in India on their views about AI as it relates to morality, ethical behaviour and empathy. Indian consumers generally trust new technologies like AI if
  • Over 13,000 malware threats detected every hour in 2020: Report
    New Delhi, January 27 (IANS): With new techniques targeting a completely new setup of the global enterprise, 13,733 malware threats were detected every hour in 2020, with Trojan leading the year-on-year (YoY) and quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) charts followed by other malware, a report said on Wednesday. According to a report by Seqrite, an enterprise security solutions brand by Quick Heal Technologies, out of the total 113 million malware detections in 2020, the first quarter clocked the
  • YouTube paid $30B to creators, artists in last 3 years: CEO
    New Delhi, January 27 (IANS): Google-owned YouTube has paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies in the last three years, according to CEO Susan Wojcicki. According to an Oxford Economics report, YouTube's creative ecosystem contributed approximately $16 billion to the US GDP in 2019, supporting the equivalent of 345,000 full time jobs. "The UK in 2019 saw approximately 1.4 billion pounds contributed to the British GDP and the equivalent o
  • Alexa can now act on hunches to turn off lights, more
    San Francisco, January 26 (IANS): Amazon has rolled out a new feature called "hunches" that allows Alexa to proactively complete tasks around the house, such as turning off lights, based on your habits and frequent requests. If the new proactive hunches are enabled, though, Alexa will skip asking for permission for a task and just do it, The Verge reported on Monday evening. Alexa has been able to sense these habits and ask about them since 2018 -- the company calls the
  • Apple Fitness+ audio feature 'Time to Walk' launching soon
    Cupertino (California), January 25 (IANS): Apple is adding a new 'Time to Walk' feature for its Fitness+ subscribers, which is an audio experience in the Workout app where guests will share inspiring stories while walking. According to MacRumors, Apple Fitness+ subscribers will be able to open the Workout app on an Apple Watch, select 'Time to Walk' and choose from one of the audio stories to listen to during their walk. The feature is likely to be extended to whe
  • Dating site MeetMindful hacked, 2.28M users' data leaked
    New Delhi, January 25 (IANS): A hacker that goes by the name of ShinyHunters has now leaked data of 2.28 million users of a dating website MeetMindful that includes real names, Facebook account tokens, email addresses and geo-location information. According to a report in ZDNet, the leaked date in a 1.2GB file has been shared as a free download on a publicly accessible hacking forum. "The content of this file includes a wealth of information that users provided when they set
  • Scientists create improved eye tracking tech for VR systems
    Moscow, January 24 (IANS): Researchers have developed a mathematical model that helps accurately predict the next gaze fixation point and reduces the inaccuracy caused by blinking. The study, published in the SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, indicates that the model would make VR/AR systems more realistic and sensitive to user actions. "We have effectively solved the issue with the foveated rendering technology that existed in the mass production of VR systems,"
  • Moon rock now on display in Oval Office of White House
    Washington, January 22 (IANS): NASA has loaned a Moon rock for display in the Oval Office of the White House at the request of the Joe Biden administration. The Moon rock now sits in the Oval Office in symbolic recognition of earlier generations' ambitions and accomplishments, and support for America's current Moon to Mars exploration approach. The "Lunar Sample 76015,143" is from the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston
  • 7 planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1 may be made of similar stuff
    Washington, January 23 (IANS): The seven rocky planets orbiting the the red dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 have remarkably similar densities, which provides clues about their composition. Located about 40 light-years away, TRAPPIST-1 is home to the largest group of roughly Earth-size planets ever found in a single stellar system. Previous calculations determined that the planets are roughly the size and mass of Earth and thus must also be rocky, or terrestrial -- as opposed to gas-dominat
  • Signal 'copies' several WhatsApp features amid new user surge
    New Delhi, January 22 (IANS): Encrypted messaging app Signal that has seen a surge in new sign-ups has introduced several features in its upcoming update that already exist in WhatsApp in an apparent bid to woo more users from the Facebook-owned messaging platform. To begin with, Signal has added a feature to change chat wallpaper. The latest Signal Beta update, released this week, includes the feature to change the chat wallpaper copied straightaway from WhatsApp, reports WABeta
  • Hacker leaks 1.9mn user records of photo editing app Pixlr
    San Francisco, January 21 (IANS): A hacker known as ShinyHunters has leaked 1.9 million user records stolen from free online photo editing application Pixlr. The database released for free in a hacking forum contains information that could be used by threat actors for performing targeted phishing and credential stuffing attacks, BleepingComputer reported on Wednesday. The leaked user records consist of information such as email addresses, login names, SHA-512 hashed passwords, wh
  • Facial recognition tech deployed in UP to help women in distress
    LUCKNOW, JANUARY 21 (IANS): The Lucknow police are deploying facial recognition technology backed by security cameras that will read expressions of women in distress and alert their nearest police station. The technology will use artificial intelligence (AI) to read facial expressions of women. The new project is being helmed under the Mission Shakti programme that was launched in October. It is projected to help reduce cases of harassment of women who are subjected to stalking a
  • New Google Chrome update comes without Adobe Flash
    New Delhi, January 20 (IANS): Google has released Chrome 88 as the latest stable version of their cross-platform web browser without any support for Adobe Flash Player. Flash reached its official end of life on December 31, when Adobe officially stopped supporting the software. On January 12, Adobe also began blocking content from playing inside Flash. Apple and Mozilla have also stopped supporting Flash, and Microsoft is scheduled to end support later this month, reports ZDNet.
  • Microsoft allows users more control over their voice clips
    New Delhi, Jan 19 (IANS): Microsoft has given customers more control over whether their voice data is used to improve products and now, people using Cortana will be able to decide whether or not the audio recordings can be used by the tech giant to improve its speech recognition algorithms. Microsoft said that the new updates let customers decide if people can listen to recordings of what they said while speaking to Microsoft products and services that use speech recognition technol
  • Telegram or Signal? Welcome to the illusion called data security
    New Delhi, January 17 (IANS): As millions shun WhatsApp and download new chat platforms in search for a secure experience, mind you that security is nothing but an illusion and there is no guarantee that Telegram or Signal may not be hacked in the future, especially when nation-state actors with highly sophisticated tools and huge resources are on the prowl. Encryption is fundamentally flawed and once hackers get to know any vulnerability or bug in the whole data travel journey -- a
  • China to become world's largest IoT market in 2024: Report
    Beijing, January 17 (IANS): China will surpass the US to become the world's largest Internet of Things (IoT) market in 2024. China's spending on IoT is expected to reach around $300 billion by 2024, with the compound annual growth rate to stand at 13 per cent in the next five years, data from global market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) showed. In 2024, the country's spending on IoT will account for 26.7 per cent of global spending in the sector, f
  • Samsung preparing to bring S Pen support to foldables
    New Delhi, January 16 (IANS): After extending S Pen support to the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung is planning to bring the S Pen stylus support to other devices in the future. Samsung has launched its flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra device with the popular S Pen -- a first for the Galaxy S series. To date, the Stylus (S) Pen only came with Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphones that took productivity and creativity up a notch. Now, the company told SamMobile that S Pen will come to othe
  • Netflix testing spatial audio support for AirPods Pro, AirPods Max: Report
    San Francisco, January 15 (IANS): Netflix is reportedly testing support for spatial audio for users of AirPods Max and AirPods Pro. Citing an anonymous Netflix employee, French news website iPhoneSoft says that Netflix has been testing support for the audio feature across iPhone and iPad since the end of last year and may launch the feature with a "small catalog" in the spring. Currently, only Netflix's highest-end Premium tier supports Dolby Atmos surround sound an
  • Twitter in splits as Musk confirms Tesla's entry in India
    New Delhi, January 14 (IANS): As Elon Musk confirmed the news of electric car giant Tesla's entry in India, Twitter on Thursday erupted in jokes and memes, mostly focused on the condition of Indian roads. Breaking his silence after the news broke that Tesla has finally entered India by registering it as a company in Bengaluru, Musk said he is on the way to fulfil his promise to let electric cars run on the roads of the country. "I think Tesla is here to test their FSD Be