Liz Hurley's whirlwind trip is over, according to newspaper reports

Liz Hurley's last message posted on Valentine's Day certainly indicates so. "Happy Valentine's Day!Remember,love is like a rollercoaster ride-sometimes it's exhilarating but sometimes u feel sick and want to get off," she tweeted.
The Twitter-loving pair have been quiet on the social networking front ever since the porn star scandal unfolded on February 13. Flowers and cupcakes were delivered to the Brighton mansion but there was no sign of the loved-up pair in public on Valentine's Day except for Liz's "indicative" tweet that all wasn't well in the love nest. Even as Shane Warne nurses his heart in the Brighton mansion, where the pair spent a blissful week, the actress has apparently headed back to London late last night.
Blonde porn star Chloe Conrad claimed in a Sunday Mirror interview that the ex-cricketer sent explicit texts to her even as he was chasing Hurley. Shane's last tweet on February 12 said: "Had a great time at my friends wedding last night.. Dimma and Nadine looked great and it was nice to catch up with friends,g8 speeches to !"
Another report claims that Shane "dropped Liz off at Melbourne Airport last night around 11pm" and the shining romance had lost its lustre, with the pair maintaining a respectable distance as they said goodbye.
This morning, Warnie was seen leaving his Brighton mansion looking rather grim and wasn't keen to comment or entertain the media. Meanwhile, Liz is reportedly relaxing in a spa at Dubai airport, waiting for her connecting flight back home.