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NSRLM supports effort for intervention in gender issues and social inclusion

NSRLM supports effort for intervention  in gender issues and social inclusion

Participants with Aasha Ramesh, NRP during the training held at Hotel Lavisto, Kohima. (Photo Courtesy: NSRLM)


Kohima, November 29 (MExN): Nagaland as one of the gender pilot states in India under DAY-NRLM, MoRD the Nagaland State Rural Livelihoods Mission (NSRLM) is strengthening efforts up to the community level with respect to interventions in gender issues and rolling out of social inclusion. 

Four-day training in this regard was conducted for the district and block staff at Hotel Lavisto, Kohima from November 26 to 29 on gender forum and social inclusion for the most vulnerable categories. The gender forum would be a forum at the village level comprising of key stakeholders, line departments, CBOs, frontline workers and the Mission’s community institution members to address community prioritized gender-based issues. Social inclusion is also being rolled out in the state with implementation of a key tool which is the Vulnerability Reduction Plan (VRP) to address issues of the most vulnerable categories such as the elderly, people with disabilities (PwDs) and other vulnerable groups. 

In line with the national mandate of setting up of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in establishments and organizations, an orientation on Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act and workings of the ICC was also imparted during this training. ICCs would be set up the state, district and block management units and Local Complaints Committees (LCC) would also be set up eventually. 

Resource persons for the training were Aasha Ramesh, National Resource Person (NRP), NRLM and Seema Bhaskaran, Mission Manager, NMMU, NRLM. 

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