Sonakshi finds it 'a bit more daunting' to be a business woman

Sonakshi finds it 'a bit more daunting' to be a business woman

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Mumbai, May 29 (IANS) Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who has also stepped into the world of business with her nail label, said that being an entrepreneur is a bit more daunting as it doesn’t come “naturally to her.”

Talking about what’s more daunting, being an actress or being a business person, Sonakshi told IANS: “I think acting comes like second nature to me and it has always been like I have learnt everything on the go but I never felt uncomfortable doing anything. Right now as an entrepreneur, that is something very very new.”

“I am again learning the ropes and I am involved as much as I can be. It's something really different for me. I am really loving it. I feel that is a bit more daunting than acting was for me because it doesn’t come naturally.”

The actress added that “business is something I have to learn still and I think I am doing pretty well at that.”

On the personal front, Sonakshi loves listening to music and shared that her playlist is very “diverse.”

“I love to listen to music that sounds good so you can find anything from Hindi film songs to Punjabi music to house music. I love percussion. I love a lot of instrumental songs with just beats,” said Sonakshi.

However, Punjabi music dominates her playlist.

“That is something you will find on my playlist. It’s very random list but I do listen to a lot of Punjabi music,” said the actress.