• Modi’s knock out
    The impressive victory of the BJP getting an absolute majority in the Gujarat Assembly elections will no doubt worry the Congress led UPA Government at the Centre. No one would have thought that Chief Minister
  • Old Boundaries, New Pragmatism
    I have come to appreciate the notion that every generation enters into a contract with notions of justice, dignity, peace, and existence. Perhaps it is through this idea of generational contract that we come to
  • Politics and Development
    The 11th five-year plan (2007-12), which aims at sustaining a nine per cent economic growth was approved by the National Development Council (NDC) on Wednesday amidst political controversy on allegations made b
  • Pre-Christmas Glitz
    Probably no other season in the year holds so many contrasts than what has come to be popularly celebrated as Pre-Christmas. Rather, the term Pre-Christmas is somewhat of a misnomer and highlights on nothing mo
  • A Public Process towards Healing
    The Naga Nation needs healing. Victims and survivors need healing; perpetrators are in their own way victims of a violent system; and they need healing as well. The need to heal and reconcile emphasizes presenc
  • Democracy – A Paradox?
    There seems to be an ironic paradox in the way democracy is practiced in ‘Nagaland state.’ While there has been steps made to make distinctions between the prospects of democracy as a vision, and the mechan
  • Too Busy for Change
    The glaring existential conditions have unmasked the glaring numbness which is eating away the spirit of Naga society. It seems like the Nagas have come to a time where they have just stopped living, have becom
  • Addressing the Burdens of History
    There is a Russian proverb which says: “Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye; forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes.” This insight possibly best illustrates the dilemma that confronts the choice
  • Political Downsizing
    Politics in Nagaland is as much alive and real as it is of the grapevine. For two consecutive days, political circles, and particularly the corridors of power in the State Capital Kohima, have been reverberatin
  • People’s Democracy
    The first ever Tuensang People’s Summit for a free, fair and accountable election 2008 which is also a first of its kind in Nagaland saw the overwhelming response from both the public and its leaders. As repo
  • A World of Ideas
    Human conviction reasons that change is continuous and that humankind is capable of understanding; an understanding rooted in context and conscience. Both these convictions are located within an inclusive histo
  • No other Option
    The necessity to create a viable and secure political, social, cultural and economic environment that would allow people to exercise their rights continues to be the primary essence of peoples’ movement, the
  • ‘Dignity & Justice for All of Us’
    Sixty years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, the United Nations will be launching a yearlong campaign under the theme “Dignity and Justice for All of Us” as a
  • Ethics and Identity
    It is said that ethics and values define the nature and character of an identity, but for a living ethics to be further developed and relevant, the identity has to be free from subjugation and exploitation. And
  • Looking Beyond Kisama
    The Annual Hornbill Festival in Nagaland is indeed a glorious sight to observe for any onlooker with cultural troupes from various Naga tribes in their colourful attire showcasing the unity in diversity of Naga
  • Gender & AIDS
    According to a recent study “Gender impact of HIV/AIDS in India”, carried out by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the number of women living with HIV/AIDS is on the rise in the country and it
  • United in Purpose
    It was Julian Bond who eloquently put forth the dilemma of struggle by raising the question “How do you restore humanity to people who may have lost their humanity in the struggle to gain their humanity.” T
  • Fight climate change
    The challenge of global warming is a dilemma no human society can ignore and world experts have rightly pointed out that the human race need to resolve this growing crisis within 8 years, lest we are destined f
  • Alert on fake currency
    Earlier in the first week of November, India had asked Interpol member- countries to pay immediate attention to tackling counterfeiting of currency. Lest more countries fall prey to the schemes of the organised
  • HIV/AIDS – Who should take the lead?
    This year’s World AIDS Day focuses on Leadership. In his call for leadership towards taking responsibility for the fight against HIV and AIDS, the UN Secretary General appealed to Governments and World leader