• The Woman Angel and the Cop..!
    When a policeman from Bihar allegedly insinuated in the word, ‘aukat’ that actress Rhea being a woman does not have the right to speak out, he uttered what many men think about a confident woman. And in my imagination, the same policemen or someone like him after passing away walked up the steps towards the pearly gates, but a pretty angel stopped him, “Not this way sir!” “But it’s written ‘Heaven’ up there?” said the policeman.
  • Today in History: September 1
    Reuters  Following are some of the major events to have occurred on September 1: 1923 - An earthquake struck Japan, killing at least 142,000 people and making 2.5 million homeless. 1946 - Greeks voted to recall their king, George II, to the throne. He had been living in exile in England. 1960 - Julius Nyerere became prime minister of Tanganyika, later Tanzania. 1999 - Mireya Moscoso was sworn in as the first woman president of Panama. 2001 - In Japan, an explosio
  • Time to Stop Seeing Domestic Workers as COVID-19 'Carriers'
    Sr Pramila Lobo UFS NDWM- Nagaland Region  COVID-19 crisis brings a great impact on the lives of millions of marginalised unorganised workers and among that one section is often left out of the discourse (even when talking about the informal sector) is that of domestic workers whom we always neglect and take for granted. Their work is often low paid, insecure and invisible. The irony is that in domestic work sector large number of working class is women or young girls , and in
  • Unlock-4 and You..!
    There’s a sense of jubilation on the streets as Unlock-4 begins. ‘Freedom!’ we shout as metros start rolling, a hundred guests are allowed at weddings and travel restrictions lifted. But beware, more than the rejoicing on the lifting of restrictions by you and me, is the absolute delight by the green and yellow monster lurking outside your gates. “See we are lifting most restrictions, showing we are not afraid of you!” I said speaking to the virus, even
  • Today in History: August 31
     Reuters Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Aug. 31: 1907 - The Anglo-Russian Convention was signed in St Petersburg, settling differences between Britain and Russia over Persia, Afghanistan and Tibet. 1969 - Rocky Marciano, the American former world heavyweight boxing champion, was killed in an air crash in Iowa. 1989 - Britain's Princess Anne and her husband, Captain Mark Phillips, separated after 16 years of marriage. 1990 - East and W
  • Say Sorry Please..!
     A few years ago, someone travelling to a religious place out of the country, called me up, “I am very sorry for the wrong I have done to you, please forgive me!” he whispered. “Sure!” I said, happy the person had it in him to apologize. A few months later, he did the very same wrong, “But didn’t you say sorry the last time?” I asked bewildered by his action. “Did I?” he asked, astonishment writ on his face, “Since
  • Law in Motion – 7: Rights and Duties of Citizens-II
    Rupin Sharma IPS Continuing where we left, let us explore the ‘duties’ aspect further. Besides citizens, there are other categories of people who have certain duties cast upon them by the CrPC. Section 40. Duty of officers employed in connection with the affairs of a village to make certain report. This provision obligates every person employed in connection with affairs of a village to report (shall forthwith communicate) to the nearest O/C of a police station or
  • Today in History: August 30
    Reuters Following are some of the major events to have occurred on August 30: 1918 - Vladimir Lenin, leader of Soviet Russia, was shot and wounded by Fanya Kaplan after speaking at a factory in Moscow. 1973 - Kenya banned the hunting of elephants and trade in ivory. 1991 - Mike Powell of the United States breaks world record for long jump. 1999 - East Timor voted massively in favour of independence from Indonesia in a referendum that saw a 99 percent turnout. 2001 - P
  • Today in History: August 29
    Reuters Following are some of the major events to have occurred on August 29: 1916 - General Paul von Hindenburg became German chief of staff during World War One. 1995 - Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze survived an assassination attempt when a car exploded near his motorcade. 1996 - A Tupolev 154 chartered by a Russian mining company crashed on the way to the remote Arctic island of Spitzbergen, killing all 129 passengers and 12 crew. 1998 - A Cubana de Aviacion T
  • Trim Your Bristles..!
    It was during these Covid times I wandered, worry writ on my face as bills piled up at home, and money not what it used to be, when I imagined I heard a voice ringing out to me, “Hi!” “Hi!” I offered back in return as a stranger with a beard longer than mine, and much whiter, looked at me with kindly eyes as he sat on a bench in the park and beckoned me to sit beside him, “What do you do with your old toothbrushes?” he asked. “I throw the
  • TODAY IN HISTORY - August 28
    Reuters Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Aug. 28: 1910 - Montenegro proclaimed its independence from the Ottoman Empire, with Nicholas I as ruler. 1963 - Martin Luther King delivered his "I have a dream" speech to 200,000 civil rights demonstrators who had marched on Washington. 1988 - Seventy people were killed when planes from an Italian Air Force display team collided in mid-air and one crashed into the crowd during an air show at Rams
  • TODAY IN HISTORY - August 27
    Reuters Following are some of the major events to have occurred on August 27: 1919 - Louis Botha, Boer general, statesman and first prime minister of the Union of South Africa, died aged 56. 1928 - The Kellogg-Briand Pact was signed in Paris. Named after U.S. Secretary of State Frank Kellogg and French Foreign Minister Aristide Briand, it sought to outlaw war as an instrument of national policy. 1975 - Haile Selassie, the deposed emperor of Ethiopia, died in exile aged 83.
  • Law in Motion – 6
    Rights and Duties of Citizens Rupin Sharma, IPS Civilians/general public encounters numerous occasions and/or circumstances where there is a dilemma. Some such enquiries are: (1) Whether an act/omission is a crime/offence or not? How to report? (2) If it is a crime, how can I prevent it? (3) If it is a crime, what can I do? (4) If I don’t act, what can be the consequences for me? I keep receiving queries from people seeking advice and clarity. Therefore, it i
  • Fair and Lovely..!
    With so many protests and debates over colour issues worldwide, corporates and industrial houses are jumping overboard to absolve themselves of colour discrimination, by changing names and titles. The latest, ‘Fair and Lovely, has changed its name to ‘Glow and Lovely!’ And in my vivid imagination I hear a boss of another such fairness cream firm shouting “We need a new name!” “Sir,” shouts an employee, “What about Radiance?”
  • Desi Kamala Harris and India..!
    There’s a tremendous sense of hope and anticipation now that Kamala Harris’s been announced as Joe Biden’s running mate, and to many, she’s already occupied the high post of VP! “This is like a marriage alliance!” said a friend from Mumbai as we decided to mix half a mug of coffee from Starbucks and another half from Indian Coffee House, “History is full of such alliances. Why in 1661 our own Mumbai, was given as dowry for an alliance betwee
  • TODAY IN HISTORY - August 26
    Following are some of the major events to have occurred on August 26 1429: Joan of Arc makes a triumphant entry into Paris. 1789: The Constituent Assembly in Versailles, France, approves the final version of the Declaration of Human Rights. 1883: The Indonesian island of Krakatoa erupts in the largest explosion recorded in history, heard 2,200 miles away in Madagascar. The resulting destruction sends volcanic ash up 50 miles into the atmosphere and kills almost 36,000 people--
  • Let us do away with ‘COVID-19 stigma’ for sake of humanity!
    Aremnochet T Changkiri Kohima “This is the only time I don’t want you to be positive,”- that’s what my friend told me. Well, I hope I was able to get your attention with that as I aim to highlight one of the most diabolical trends on the block and it will take an ample of ‘we’ to be able to get rid of this blot. Though one might have already been practising it--or not (hopefully), let me, in my mere qualification for which I beg your pardon, t
  • Coffee and Consistency..!
    My morning coffee, which is over a jug tall, is my addiction, but about a month ago, narry a day went by when the taste of those exquisite beans did not surprise me. The coffee powder was the same, the water I was sure couldn’t change much, the coffee machine whether French press or my filter machine did not seem like inconsistent fellows, and yet everyday my coffee taste was different, from tasting like coffee from the Nilgiri hills, sometimes soapy bath water, to sludge from th
  • A Time to Reckon
    Rukewezo Wetsah Dimapur ‘There are heroes and there are monsters. But most of us are ordinary mortals caught up in events too turbulent for any of us. Perhaps when the battle is over, all we will inherit are the ashes of a once beautiful land’ - Rage by Wilbur Smith I am a Naga youth, who dreams the dreams of my forefathers and of a beautiful tomorrow. Today, I humbly beseech my fellow countrymen that the youths are not only the leaders of tomorrow but the partn
  • Today in History August 24
    Reuters Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Aug. 24: 1922 - Arab states meeting at Nablus rejected the British mandate for Palestine given by the League of Nations. 1995 - Microsoft releases Windows 95 operating system. 1997 - Kenyan-born Wilson Kipketer of Denmark breaks men's 800m world record. 1999 - Australia's Ian Thorpe sets new world record time in 200m freestyle event. 2003 - Pakistani batsman Yasir Hameed makes cricket history w