Is the growing usage of social media having a positive impact on Naga youth? Give reasons

•    Youth those who are using social media for the positive they definitely in to the safe zone.

•    There is less or no element or supplement of positive nor constructive efforts. Almost Everyone except for few are just expressing in a criticism/making fun. Some awareness/Campaign indeed made good impact and more such attentions towards building the society is a welcoming sight. The Younger generations handling social media and other platforms should learn to use discipline, moral and ethical language instead of vomiting cocktail of hate, insults and disunity.
•    Because the youths are not using social media productively to get knowledge, reach their goals and broaden their minds. Mostly using social media for entertainment.
•    These days, Particularly young girls and modern women tend to follow almost everything that the media promotes, including dressing styles, feminist mindset, American fashion, Korean fashion, and many more. If you look at how women from the Naga tribe dressed 20 years ago, it was attractive and modest. However, due to social media propaganda, girls and women of the modern day have become unattractive not just only because of sultry clothes, but also because of a victim mindset and over-entitlement. If I remember correctly, one of my neighbors told me about a particular incident that occurred during a college class (before covid-19 pandemic occurred) in Nagaland. A female lecturer out of nowhere started discussing patriarchy, chauvinism, and other related topics, while also criticizing males from Nagaland. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she mentioned that people don't like it when women smoke (women are illogical and dumb). She also talked about how women's clothing can attract males, and "I am not surprised that..."female teachers in Nagaland are using feminist ideology in their approach.
•    The media has had a negative influence on the youth, especially young females, impacting the way they dress and communicate. Although Mother's Day was recently celebrated with great enthusiasm, it's concerning that the next generation of mothers may not uphold the same values. There's a saying that educating a woman educates an entire generation, but this may not hold true if the next generation of mothers are not disciplined. Without discipline, they may raise spoiled and entitled children, ultimately impacting the entire generation.
•    As a professional therapist working in Nagaland for past 3 years. I've seen a significant impact on our youths here. The attention span has gone gone down to the duration of reels. Think about it for a minute "you van scroll almost 30 reels in minutes, different reels, different content, different topics triggers various emotional response in such a small time window". The mind/brain is overstimulated and most of adolescent CLIENTS have the similar issues that they can't concentrate at all. When you are overstimulated, your brain can never focus on anything without proper stimulation and that's effecting every aspects of life rn. I know some may say it's all on the user but even the moon has its darker side and so the internet.
•    Not related at all but, undisciplined people without proper usage of media spoils the future children too.
•    Social media is a double edged sword in today’s viral age world. Remember, social media use ignited the famous Arab-spring! Social media is a free platform to allowing genuine change makers and dictators to use it to one's advantage. Celebrities and public voice use it to reach masses in few seconds. Youth use it to connect to the virtual world, often than most times falling prey to online bullying, stalking and online harassment of the worst kind imaginable! It depends on how an individual youth uses it, if one bullies other behind a fake ID, there are going to be repercussions. If one stands to bring change in society with a message to change, even than it works! How do you use a sword, to threaten someone or to protect someone?
•    Too many hoes thanks to social media. Naga hoes in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc etc
•    Actually, it depends on how an individuals use it. For some, they use social media to connect with others, gather information, and stay informed about events and developments in their communities and beyond. Others, misuse social media, resorting to addiction, misinformation, defamation and engaging in online conflicts, often referred to as "keyboard warriors.".... Such behaviors can lead to harmful consequences for both individuals and communities, perpetuating negativity and division. So, ya being mindful and responsible in social media usage is crucial, which is why media literacy is the need of the hour with the growing usage of social media or any other digital platforms…